Inimitable step: Philips becomes shirt sponsor of scandal club FC Barcelona

PSV founder and founder Philips will be a new and major sponsor of Europe’s biggest scandal club, FC Barcelona.

In exchange for many millions, Philips will be on the sleeve of FC Barcelona’s match shirt from the new season, as Philips can also be seen on the sleeve of the PSV shirt. Spanish media report this, following Football International. The reading from the group itself is different, reports the Eindhovens Dagblad, but more on that later. The ailing club from Catalonia no longer has the beautiful and spotless image of the beginning of this century, but has now become a disguised court where football is also played. The club moves from one lawsuit to another and from one incident to the next.

FC Barcelona is currently associated and suspected of large-scale bribery of referees in La Liga and is involved in several lawsuits with the judiciary in Spain. There are also ongoing investigations into book fraud surrounding transfers of players from FC Barcelona and Juventus. Both clubs would have deliberately agreed on high transfer fees around players who were transferred from Barcelona to Juventus and vice versa in an exchange deal. Recently, the Spanish judiciary also started a judicial investigation into the transfer of Jasper Cillessen from FC Barcelona to Valencia. Also around this transfer, the rules would have been broken. In addition, FC Barcelona has been breaking the rules of Financial Fairplay for years as well as the rules of La Liga, from which strict action is now being taken against the fallen Catalan scandal club.

It is precisely the technically bankrupt FC Barcelona that receives a ‘reward’ from Philips in the form of a million-dollar deal. Philips, where it was announced last week that thousands more jobs will disappear, does not seem to care about all the scandals surrounding the club. Philips is currently busy completing the redundancy of six thousand employees, of whom 1,100 will be laid off in the Netherlands. Three thousand jobs will disappear this year, the other half until 2025. In October, newly appointed director Roy Jakobs already cut four thousand jobs, of which eight hundred in the Netherlands.

Philips, on the other hand, will invest millions of euros in a club where demonstrable mismanagement has been conducted for years. According to Spanish media, it is a three-year contract with an option for a further two years. The Eindhoven group will transfer a total of thirty million euros to Camp Nou, of which eight million in the first, ten million in the second and twelve million in the third) year of the deal. An option for a fourth and fifth year has also been negotiated, which would cost an additional 26 million euros.

Philips will therefore indirectly solve some of the acute budget problems of the Catalans. FC Barcelona is struggling with a deficit of 200 million euros, but as if that were not enough, the Catalans are also busy getting Messi back. The player who almost managed to bankrupt the Catalans with the hundreds of millions of euros he already earned in salary in Barcelona, ​​is ‘just’ welcome again.

Just as before, there was also a plan to welcome Neymar back. During the period that the Catalans were thinking about bringing Neymar back, both parties were even involved in a lawsuit. In the world of scandal club number one in Europe, anything is possible. It also seems to make little difference to Philips. The Eindhoven group seems to want to make a name for itself in European top football via FC Barcelona and apparently does not look at values ​​and standards.

On behalf of the Eindhovens Dagblad, Rik Elfrink reports that the deal contains a slightly different deal than the newspapers in Spain report. It would be an indirect form of sponsorship. Whether it concerns a direct or an indirect form of sponsorship, it can be called an inimitable step by the Eindhoven group, which values ​​and standards are of paramount importance.

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