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Healthy living is a hot topic these days. That is of course not without reason, because healthy living offers many benefits. You have less chance of getting sick, you feel better about yourself, you feel fitter, you have less chance of being overweight and there are many other advantages. Frequent exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The longer, more often and more intensively you exercise, the better this is for your health. The benefits of exercise are clear, but not everyone moves enough. This can of course have several reasons. For example, it may be that many people have not yet found the sport they really like. Fitclub Rodenburg would like to help you find the right sport. In this article we take a closer look at what makes this gym in Leek so special and what sports they offer.

Result-oriented sports with fun in our gym in Leek

It is important that you practice a sport where you have fun. The more fun you have, the greater the motivation to keep exercising. At Fitclub Rodenburg they do everything they can to ensure that you have fun while exercising. This way you receive personal attention and tailor-made advice, you practice result-oriented sports, there is a friendly atmosphere, you work with modern equipment that is fully equipped and you can choose from a large and diverse range of sports and sports lessons. The goal is not just to get fit, but to work on your condition in a fun way. Fitclub Rodenburg thinks it’s important that you leave the gym in Leek with a smile on your face and a fit feeling.


Zumba is a sport that combines intensive exercise with a high dose of fun. As a participant you perform fun dance moves to rhythmic music such as Salsa or Merengue. The great thing about Zumba is that the sport is extremely diverse. You can come up with endless dance routines to many different types of music. Not good at dancing? No problem! You don’t have to copy the movements exactly, that’s another aspect that makes Zumba so much fun. It’s about moving and having fun. The sport is also very relaxing. Because you are busy performing dance moves, you can clear your head completely. This causes less stress and tension. Enough reasons to get acquainted with the world of Zumba.

Yin Yoga

From a very intensive sport we go to a somewhat quieter work-out, but nevertheless very good for your condition. Yin Yoga is a form of Yoga in which you adopt a certain posture for a long time. You usually take 3 to 5 minutes to hold an attitude, creating a slight resistance in the places for which the attitude is intended. The result is that your tendons, connective tissue and joints relax. This ensures that you become more flexible and that your joints become stronger. It also helps you to relax and release stress. In the busy daily life you can easily build up stress and tension, for example at work. With the help of Yin Yoga you offer your body and mind the chance to recover and relax.

Interested? Be welcome in the gym in Leek!

Are you interested in fitness in Leek? Then be welcome in the gym in Leek: Fitclub Rodenburg. You can register directly for one of the sports, but you can also request a free trial lesson. This way you can first see if the sport is something for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our gym!

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