‘I breastfed until 3 years old’

In momtalk discuss Lisa, editor-in-chief of famme, and editor Laura tackle tough issues of parenting and being pregnant. They talk about their own experiences and answer difficult and sometimes embarrassing questions.

In this third installment of momtalk Lisa and Laura talk again about a topic that many parents have questions about. Namely: food. They answer questions like, “Did you always want to breastfeed?” And: “From what age did your child get candy?”

#2 Momtalk about the consultation office

Lisa is a mother of four and Laura is a mother of three. Enough experience with nutrition. From breastfeeding to the first bites, in this episode they answer all your questions. For example, Lisa says that she breastfed her children for up to three years. “It just felt right.”

And Laura confesses that she knows what a fussy eater is. “My four-year-old daughter hardly eats anything.” Both mothers also admit that they sometimes use sweets to bribe their children. “Not very pedagogically responsible!”, they add with a laugh.

You can watch the entire episode below momtalk to look at. Have fun!

Next week

There will be a new one soon momtalk online. Then Lisa and Laura talk about sleeping. Are you looking again?

Lianne (37): ‘Your child is just not yet malnourished, they said at the consultation office’

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Momtalk #3 on nutrition: ‘I breastfed until 3 years old’

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