How to make your bed like in a hotel!

There is something magical about sleeping in a hotel bed. It’s like immersing yourself in a soft, luxurious cocoon. But why should you only be allowed to experience that feeling on holiday? With a few simple steps you can transform your own bed into a hotel bed and sleep in luxury every night. Let’s get started quickly!

Step 1: Invest in high-quality bedding

One of the biggest secrets of a hotel bed is the bedding. It should be soft and smooth, but also durable enough to be washed every day. Do you want the real one hotel experience experience at home? Then invest in a high-quality duvet cover with a high thread count. This ensures a wonderfully soft material that will feel comfortable and smooth. Do you find it difficult to find a nice duvet cover? At you will find very different types of duvet covers with which you can easily create a hotel look and experience.

Step 2: Add a mattress topper

Another reason why hotel beds feel so comfortable is that they often have a mattress topper. You put this extra layer on your normal mattress and this ultimately provides extra support and comfort. Invest in a high-quality mattress topper to achieve the same effect as the beds in luxury hotels.

Step 3: Choose the right pillows

A hotel bed often has several pillows, each with a different firmness and texture. This ensures that you can find the perfect support for your neck and head. Therefore, choose several cushions of different sizes and firmness, so that you can find the perfect combination. I like to put my pillows upright against my headboard so that they look extra ‘fluffy’. You have to put them straight again when you actually go to sleep at night, but I think that’s a small effort and I’m happy to do it.

Step 4: Make the bed like a pro

The way you make your bed also plays an important role in mimicking the feel of a hotel bed. Start by making the mattress and pull the sheet taut and smooth. Fold the comforter or blanket in thirds and place it on the bed. Then pull the top edge of the duvet or blanket up to about 20 centimeters below the pillow. Fold the excess duvet or blanket under the mattress. To finish it off, place the cushions and decorate the bed with a plaid or matching decorative cushions.

Step 5: Add the finishing touches

A hotel bed often has an extra layer of luxury, such as a bedspread, blanket or plaid. So, for example, choose a beautiful and soft plaid that fits perfectly with your bedding. Place it over the foot of the bed for an extra touch of comfort and style.

Turning your bed into a hotel bed is therefore not difficult at all!

With these simple steps you can transform your own bed into a hotel bed without too difficult steps. In any case, invest in good bedding because that will really make a difference. The look is important, but of course you want to get the feeling that you are stepping into a big soft comfortable cloud. With a little extra effort, you can sleep in luxury every night and feel like you’re on vacation. And we all want that, don’t we? Precisely!

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