how to adjust your skincare routine to summer

Now that the temperatures are slowly rising again and the sun is really breaking through more and more often, it’s time for our skincare scrutinize routine. What works well in the winter, doesn’t work so well in the summer. We explain how to adjust your skincare to summer temperatures.

Adjust routine

Spring has begun. In fact, the meteorological spring arrived in our country some time ago. June is now almost here and we can expect summer (re) temperatures. In that case it is certainly wise for you skincare routine to update, dermatologist agrees Ted Lane.

“Spring has higher humidity and higher temperatures, which require an adjustment to your sun protection and anti-aging regimen,” Lain tells me. Real Simple. So what are those changes? We list them.


Haven’t scrubbed your face yet? Then it’s definitely good to include this in your skin care routine, and you don’t have to do it every day. Weekly is enough. “Many people don’t exfoliate in the winter, because it can further dry out the skin,” says a dermatologist Hadley King. “But as the weather warms and the humidity increases, we are more able to tolerate acids and other ingredients in scrubs.” King calls spring “prime time to start exfoliating again.”

Choose a less greasy moisturizer

In winter our skin dries faster and it is not surprising that we opt for a greasy face cream. In the spring and summer, however, we need these fatty products less. Dr. King therefore recommends opting for a less greasy moisturizing cream.

Go for a stronger sunburn

Several day creams are already provided with an SPF of 15, but that is not very useful. Especially now that the sun is stronger and shines longer. “UV rays are stronger in the summer,” says Dr. lain. “Opting for an SPF of at least 50 is key to ensure adequate sun protection in spring and summer.”

Spring cleaning

Have you been using the same beauty blenders and brushes for an entire season (or longer)? Then, according to Dr. King also not such a bad idea to include a beauty spring cleaning. According to the dermatologist, our beauty tools sources of bacteria that can irritate your skin. Clean your brushes and replace things that you have used for a long time to get ready for summer!

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