How do I get more love for myself? 6 practical tips!

Self love is a magical energy that can positively change one’s life.

Changing your patterns, such as increasing your love for yourself in word and deed, doesn’t always have to be complicated or time consuming.

Taking small steps every day is a powerful and fun way to balance the even deeper and sometimes more challenging path you have to walk through with the help of a guide.

Try applying the suggestions below if you want a bigger dose of self-love in your day and life:

How do I get more love for myself? 6 practical tips!

How do I get more love for myself?

1 Get to know your inner critic.

We all have a little voice in our head that likes to point out our faults and shortcomings, condemn us and even shame us. Simply becoming aware of this voice and recognizing when it is active can work wonders.

Your inner critic may remind you of someone, such as a critical person from your childhood such as a supercritical teacher or manager.

Remember that your inner critic may just be trying to protect you with this tendency towards perfectionism.

Instead of listening to your inner critic, enter into a dialogue with it. Ask your inner critic if he can give you helpful information in a more loving, balanced way. Or even make fun of your critic by giving him/her a ridiculous name!

2 Take care of your body, choose the self-care circle

Every time you take a few minutes during the day to pause and take care of your body, you remind yourself how important you are. That is a loving act!

Whether you’re taking a break to take your meds or supplements, make yourself a healthy snack, or step away from the screen to stretch, taking better care of your body will help you appreciate yourself more.

Eventually this can grow into a habit that leads to more healthy actions. This is the opposite of a negative vicious circle, you could call it the self-care circle!

Let a loving mindset inspire your actions.

Working with first-person mantras, in the style of self-help legend Louise Hay, can help reprogram your subconscious mind.

Work with affirmations that are inspiring to you but also feel authentic. Sometimes the most powerful affirmations are the simplest, such as:I create loving relationships in my life“, or “I am learning to be my own father and mother and to take care of myself.

You can find a few suggestions of powerful affirmations on this page >>

4 Don’t make yourself smaller to make others feel bigger/better.

It’s healthy not to take yourself too seriously or admit your shortcomings in front of others. That is self-acceptance. It’s loving and can even be funny at times.

But don’t downplay your gifts and talents and don’t “bump” yourself in front of others just to make someone else feel more comfortable.

You can love yourself, stand up for yourself, and be proud of all you’ve done and overcome, while still treating others with grace, respect, and humility.

Teach other people how to treat you in a loving way.

We teach others how to treat us. We do this by treating ourselves positively and lovingly, this is behavior that others should consciously or unconsciously mirror.

We also teach others how to treat us within the boundaries we set in our relationships. This can be like gently and lovingly calling back a close friend or partner when they are rude or disrespectful to you.

Have limits for yourself too. An affirmation for this could be:I treat myself the same way I would treat a loved one or a dear friend or family member.” That’s love for yourself!

6 Create space in your life.

Space helps you connect to your own energy and your own emotional experience. From this grounded, powerful place, you make decisions—even small ones, like whether to stay in and rest or go. Creating space can be as simple as setting aside a little time, even 15 minutes a day, to journal, meditate, or engage in some other relaxing activity to recharge your energy.

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My tips and tricks to help you on your way:

How do I get more love for myself?  Read the tips!

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