How can you save on telephone costs with a sim only subscription

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save on telephone costs

Do you think you spend too much money using your phone? Then it is good to know how to change that. There are several ways to save on telephone costs. One of those ways is to switch to a SIM only subscription. Why this saves you a lot of money? Below we list a number of good reasons.

You only pay for what you consume

The biggest advantage of a SIM-only subscription compared to a subscription with telephone is that you only pay for what you use. You can take out a bundle for a certain number of call minutes, text messages and MBs. Based on your previous usage, you can determine which bundle suits you best. Because you know how much you have to use every month, it is possible to take this into account.

save on telephone costs

You pay a fixed price for your bundle every month if you stay within the subscription. Where with a subscription with telephone you pay for your consumption and the use of the telephone, with a SIM only you only pay for the use of the network. As a result, the costs are much lower. The costs for a SIM-only subscription are already low with many providers, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on using your network. In any case, you benefit from low telephone costs with a cheap SIM-only subscription that is tailored to your usage.

Possible to keep your own device

Another reason why you save money with a cheap sim only plan is because you have the option to keep your own phone. Because you don’t have to buy a new phone, you will spend much less money. After all, with a bundle including telephone, you also pay for the costs of the device. That is not the case with SIM only. If your current smartphone still functions well, it is a nice bonus that you can continue to use it for a while. You are therefore not obliged to choose a new device for a new subscription.

Easy to adjust

With a SIM only bundle you also save on telephone costs because you have the chance to put together a bundle that fits your usage. Do you find out that you have enough calling minutes, text messages and data left over every month? Then it is easy to lower your subscription with many providers. If you need less than what you pay for, you can often reduce your bundle monthly. With a subscription including a device, you are usually tied to a certain term, which means you are not flexible to change your bundle.

Now that you know more about why a cheap sim only plan is an economical choice, you can decide whether you want to switch to this or not. This is an excellent choice for both you and your children. In any case, it’s a good way to lower your phone bill!

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