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How can you best style plants in the living roomIf you are planning to style your living room, it might be a nice addition to style plants in your living room. But how do you best style plants with the rest of your interior? Below we discuss a number of tips on how you can best style plants with your interior.

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A mix of colours

First of all, it is of course the intention that you provide the room with a layer of paint. Do you have in mind to provide the space with beautiful plants. For example, you can paint the walls with white paint, or black / green paint. This way you create atmosphere in the room you want to see. At the paint shop you will find the most beautiful colors of paint for your jungle-like living room.

Choose the right plants

There are of course many different plants, but which plants are ideal for you? It is important to look at the plants that best fit into your interior. In this way you create a whole. There are several things you should take into account before purchasing plants. Consider, for example, how often you are at home, whether you want air-purifying plants, how many plants you want and where you are going to put them. This way you know exactly what to look for and you can make a plan for yourself. There are a number of plants that are very popular, namely the Monstera and a sansevieria.

Plant pot

Of course, a plant also needs a ‘house’ in which they can grow and develop well. But what are the right plant pots? A requirement of a good plant pot is that it is large enough for the plant. The plant must be able to grow naturally and the roots must have enough space. In addition, it is important that you buy pots that fit perfectly into your interior. There are different types of pots with different textures, heights and colors. A plant basket is also an option. It’s just what you want and what fits better in the interior.

Taking care of plants

Now that you have bought the plants and placed them correctly, it is of course the intention that you take good care of them. It would be a great shame if half of the plants are already dead after a short time. So make sure you put the plants in the right place and give them enough water. This can differ per plant, so it is important that you do enough research into what the specific plant needs. This way you can enjoy your houseplants and your beautiful living room for a very long time.

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