How a floating parasol gives your garden that luxurious look

Do you want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest this summer? Garden furniture is the best way to entice you to spend more time outside. Make yourself as comfortable as possible with the best cantilever parasol – easy to move so you’re protected from UV rays and beautiful too.

These versatile parasols provide fantastic coverage and a generous amount of uninterrupted shade. So whether you’re dining al fresco, reclining on a sun lounger, lounging in a hammock or enjoying a chat, or a delicious summer gin cocktail, there’s plenty of room for you and your guests to relax.

What is a floating parasol?

Do you want to buy a floating parasol? These are designed in the same way as your standard parasol. Usually you will need a hole in the center of your garden table to support your parasol, along with a weighted pole stand. Floating umbrellas, however, are designed to hang over furniture without getting in the way. They use their own unique weighted base. Alternatively, cantilevers can be screwed into decking or placed against a wall.

What is the difference between standard and cantilever parasols?

Position of the support post

The main difference between a cantilever parasol and other types of parasols is that the pole is on the side and not exactly in the middle. This way you have even more space underneath to darken or place your garden furniture. You don’t have to worry about an annoying post ruining your view of the garden or finding furniture with a post hole.


Not only that, cantilever umbrellas offer the most adjustable sun protection and stability for all weather conditions. Most can rotate between 270 and 360 degrees, tilt to provide UV protection at any angle and can be easily adjusted in height with the crank handle. The beauty of this is that you can leave the base in its original position, saving you the grueling lugging that is necessary with a traditional garden parasol.


Most cantilever parasols are also larger, usually between 2.5 and 4 m, ideal for large gardens or if you want a larger area in the shade for outdoor dining.

Which design is suitable for a floating parasol?

The design of your parasol is entirely up to you and your garden aesthetic. You can find cantilevered umbrellas in different colors and some with integrated lighting and speakers. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or alfresco dining on warm summer evenings.

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