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Hip on the beach this summer bikiniHip on the beach this summer, of course we all want that! But how? What are you wearing? Go ahead body positivity or for concealing clothing? So many opinions about this, but I always think: choose what feels right to you. There is so much choice these days to look hip, so just find out what’s out there and choose something that suits you. In body and in personality. Then you’re always right.

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Hip on the beach this summer

Do you go for one bikini or a bathing suit? I actually like both. When I really go to the beach I prefer to wear a bikini, but when I go swimming in the pool I usually choose a bathing suit. I find that more comfortable when I actually go for a swim. This summer you will see many floral patterns on bikinis and also solid colors, but in special models. Button here or there, some glitter or a halter top. All popular this summer! And all for sale at OTTO!

Bath slippers handy for the pool

If you don’t go to the beach this year, but to the swimming pool, then its trendy bath slippers also a must. Usually they are mandatory. Logical too, hygiene is important in a swimming pool. But apart from that, slippers are very handy. They can get wet, are comfortable and you can kick them out when you have managed to conquer a lounger. Nowadays you have bath slippers in all shapes and sizes and there are very nice colors and models. Definitely worth choosing something to match your outfit!

Beach dresses

Of course you prefer to wear something airy over your bathing suit or bikini. Something baggy, a nice beach dress or something. Where you can get an ice cream, stroll around the waterfront or put on when it cools down a bit in the evening, but you still don’t feel like going home. The setting sun is pulling and who knows, after such a balmy summer day sea ​​spark and then you want to take a quick dip to see that glowing plankton go past your arms and legs. Magic!

Picnic blanket, cooler bag and cool wine

So don’t forget to bring a cooler bag with good food and drinks and a bottle of cool white or rosé wine in addition to a trendy outfit, also for a nice picnic blanket. This way you can extend those summer evenings at the beach well into the night. Enjoy until after the sun goes down. Children then play on and you enjoy.

wine on the beach end of june 2019

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