High low desks for a higher quality while working

High low desks for a higher quality while working

A high low desk – also known as a sit-stand desk – is essentially a desk where you can both stand and sit. The electric versions make it possible to adjust the height smoothly and thus increase your ease of use and comfort. A sit-stand desk makes it possible to change position regularly and keep your body moving, which is much healthier for you. It is recommended to alternate between sitting and standing every half hour for optimal health benefits. Because you can take better care of your body, your mind will also stay fresher and you will feel better. This in turn has a positive effect on your productivity and the workflow you experience. In other words, you can only benefit from it. High-low desks have a range of features to make working life more ergonomic and therefore more pleasant. They exist in different heights, materials and speed of movement, among other things.

A few advantages at a glance

When we say that high-low desks are good for your health, we don’t just say that. We list some very clear benefits for your physical, metabolic and even mental well-being. Because you stand more, the risk of weight gain and obesity is reduced, as is your blood sugar. In addition, people would have less back pain and the risk of heart disease is also lower. Early death is also less likely when you reduce your number of sitting hours. It doesn’t stop there. We know that our mood, well-being, mood and energy level also improve. We’ve all had an unpleasant day at work. If we can make our professional activities a lot more comfortable thanks to ergonomic aids, that seems more than a bonus to us.

Also a true gift: the booster

A related ergonomic solution for improving our working conditions is the desk riser. Easy to move, you can take your desk riser just about anywhere you need it. You can easily switch between a sitting position and a standing one. Again: your productivity also increases dramatically with the desk riser when you give your body the space to feel as good as possible. An effective alternative or addition to the sit-stand desks, to create your active standing workplace in no time. Whatever your needs, know that working ergonomically is indispensable in our rapidly evolving society. A lot is sometimes expected of us in the work context, and in return we do everything we can to take good care of ourselves. You can contact Ivono for a healthy and sustainable workplace.

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