Herman van Veen has received Buma Lifetime Achievement Award

During the presentation of the Buma Awards, 78-year-old Herman van Veen received the Buma Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday. He received this prize because, according to the jury, he has a major influence on Dutch theater and music culture as a lyricist, composter and performing artist. The jury further said that Van Veen “with his unique performance talent, sense of language and versatility, has achieved unprecedented success not only in the Netherlands, but also far beyond its own national borders. His music is versatile, ranging from catchy melodies and cheerful tunes to sensitive and introspective ballads.”

According to the director of Buma Cultur, almost 2,600 works are registered in the Buma/Stemra system to which the name of Herman van Veen is linked. “In recent decades, Herman has grown into an ambassador for Dutch theatre, cabaret and music culture at home and abroad. In short, you are almost doing him short with just one Lifetime Achievement Award,” says Helmink.

The presentation of the Buma Awards took place on Monday at the Royal Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam. DJ Paul Elstak was also honored there with a Golden Harp, which he received from Guido Weijers for his “influence and legacy that are of inestimable value to Dutch music culture”.

Photo: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

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