HEMA now sells beautiful limited edition tompouce nail polish

Attention tompouce lovers! We really have no idea how they came up with this idea, but HEMA now sells the colors of the iconic cake as a nail polish set. With these pastel pink, yellow and brown colors you can of course not only transform your nails into a tompouce, but you can also create super fun summer nails.

HEMA tompouce nail polish pink yellow brown
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Tompouce nail polish

Secretly, the fact that HEMA is launching a new tompouce-related product is no longer such a big surprise. Because before the tompouce nail polish, the retail chain already sold shirts and socks with a tompouce and even tompouce beer. They clearly thought it was time for something new. First of all, we are secretly very happy with this.

The colors are of course the colors of a tompouce. Pink for the icing, yellow for the cream and brown for the puff pastry. But apart from the fact that you can completely transform your nails into a mini tompouce, these colors are also really perfect for you summer nails.

Summer nails

We might not use the brown color for this, but the pastel pink and yellow colors are really perfect. Of course you can just paint your nails all in one color, but if you are a bit precise, you can also make beautiful nail art with this nail polish. Combine the pastel pink and yellow colors with each other, or with a different color. It’s just what you like!


The tompouce nail polish set is unfortunately not for sale in the store or can be ordered via the site. You can only get it in exchange for 100 points on your HEMA pass. The free limited-edition tompouce nail polish can be picked up until Sunday 30 July 2023 and is available until stocks are exhausted. So if you want to get this amazing nail polish, don’t wait any longer and save those points!

@sanne.js how nice again from the @hemanederland!! 🤎 #fyp #tompouce #tompoes #voorjou #hemanagellak #hema #nagellak #foryoupage ♬ Yesterday’s Sunshine – Grapefruit

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