Hans Kraay Jr. expresses dissatisfaction with the attitude of Feyenoord and Arne Slot

The future of Arne Slot will keep things busy in and around De Kuip for a while. Although general manager Dennis te Kloese has said at Good Morning Eredivisie that no offer has yet been received for Slot, the question is whether the success trainer will also be in front of the group in Rotterdam next season. This also largely has to do with Slot itself. After all, he has not yet commented on where he will be a trainer next season. Hans Kraay Jr. is surprised about this.

Slot guided Feyenoord impressively to the national title this season. The lead over PSV is eight points and Ajax even has thirteen points less than the list leader from Rotterdam. Add to that the final of the UEFA Conference League in the past season and the recent performances in the Europa League and you come to the conclusion that Slot has caused quite a bit since his arrival. This has of course not gone unnoticed. Te Kloese confirmed that Leeds United had reported for Slot at the beginning of this calendar year and Tottenham Hotspur is now emphatically mentioned as a possible new destination for the coach.

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Kraay Jr. thinks it is time for Slot to clarify his future. “You have gone a long way. Slot still has a two-year contract. You say that the club has not yet been approached, but why are you so spastic as director and Slot? “I can’t say anything about it yet,” he responds when asked if he will still be there next year. In other words, it’s open. Why don’t you say: he stays. And why doesn’t he say that?” Kraay jr. wondered aloud on Sunday morning Good morning Premier League on ESPN, where general manager Te Kloese of Feyenoord had also joined. “We are really not very spastic about it. We have his contract. And if there is anything of interest, then that club will have to report to us and then we will give our idea about it,” said Te Kloese.

Kraaij jr. nevertheless cannot believe that Slot remains unclear about his future. The successful coach also received questions about his plans in the run-up to the away match against FC Emmen, but again he could not and did not want to say much about that. “The supporters live in uncertainty. They shout that Arne has to stay. Why doesn’t Arne say once that he is staying?”, says Kraay Jr. “That is Arne’s responsibility. I can say this plays for us. We have a contractual agreement. It is the same as having a player under contract with us. If there is interest in a player, clubs simply have to report to us”, Te Kloese explained.

Leeds United
The longer Slot waits to decide on his future, the more emphatic the rumors will become. The coach was already linked to a departure for the Premier League a few months ago. Leeds United saw Slot as the perfect candidate to keep the club at the highest level. “Of course he has a great admiration for the English league. If a club comes from outside and says that you are doing well and would like to have you, then that is pleasing. That is confirmation that you are doing the right thing. But he didn’t want to go to Leeds. I think that was a very good decision,” said Te Kloese.

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