Hang Eleven comes with the bodywarmer for the summer (2 colors)

Hang Eleven clothing is extremely popular

The Dutch clothing brand launched its latest Classic line last month. This is a collection with timeless basics, made of luxurious fabrics, with an eye for detail. The focus: high-quality T-shirts at a fair price. This turned out to be a formula for success for the homegrown clothing brand. The T-shirts with oversized fit flew over the counter like hot cakes and many of the T-shirts were sold out in no time. In short, the guys at Hang Eleven know what they’re doing (and what we want).

bodywarmer green

They prove this once again with the latest addition to the range: The Premium Vest. This is a luxurious bodywarmer with quilted finish, the perfect fit and with an eye for every detail.

The Premium Vest

We can’t ignore it: the bodywarmer is one of the biggest trends in menswear in 2023. Not only is it a very practical and comfortable piece of clothing that keeps you warm during the summer days, it is also an incredibly stylish addition to your outfit. Hang Eleven releases their Premium Vest in two different colors: green and black. This must-have features a herringbone strap and a black metal zip for one premium look & feel. This makes it a very modern piece of clothing that can no longer be compared to the old-fashioned body warmers of the past.

Bodywarmer_Green_flat_F copy

The Premium Vest (green)

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Bodywarmer_Black_flat_F copy

The Premium Vest (black)

Hang Eleven
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The big advantage of the stylish bodywarmer is that you can match it with almost all your garments, during several seasons. The Hang Eleven body warmer is the perfect extra dimension in your festival outfit. Combine the green version with an oversized white T-shirt and your favorite jeans and you are ready to go for any summer party. Then also take a pair of sunglasses with you to finish it off, which you can also easily store in the pocket of the body warmer when you don’t need them. Ideal.

bodywarmer hang eleven green for sale

Is it a late summer evening or is the temperature not very tropical in our country (which happens regularly), then you can also rock the body warmer on top of your favorite hoodie or sweater. For example, the black body warmer looks perfect on the summer sweat sets from Hang Eleven. An ideal sporty look for the beach.

bodywarmer hang eleven black

The physical store of Hang Eleven in Amsterdam

In addition to the enormous online success of Hang Eleven, the clothing brand opened a new store in our beautiful capital (Haarlemmerdijk 93b) in early 2023. Here you can just try on the latest collection of T-shirts and the new Premium Vest before you try to buy it and rock it at the festivals this summer. Check the Hang Eleven website for the entire collection of men’s clothing.

In collaboration with Hang Eleven

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