Google comes with dashcam function for Android

Google is working on a new feature for various phones with Android. In time, users will have the option to use the phone as a dashcam. Handy in traffic.

Dashcam feature for Android on the go

In an early published test version of the Personal Safety app, indications were found for a new addition in Android. For various Android devices, the smartphone can be used as a dashcam. It seems that the function will work on the more recent Pixel devices anyway, but the feature may also come to other (selected) Android smartphones. For example, the Nothing Phone 1 is mentioned as an example.

Google Dash Cam app

With the dashcam functionality, the phone can be of added value in traffic. The road is captured along with the vehicles around you. Videos are automatically deleted after three days if they are not saved. The telephone can be used during filming. Google says in the report that the function requires an average of 30MB per minute. There is a maximum recording time of 24 hours. You can choose whether or not sound should be included.

A useful addition is that the dashcam can be switched on automatically when a connection is made with a certain Bluetooth device. Think of the connection with your car. When it is recognized, the dashcam can start filming. It is not known when Google will roll out the functionality. In addition, it is interesting how Google will tackle heat production with smartphones, since filming is done non-stop. Especially if the phone is behind the windshield, where the sun is shining, the temperature of the phone can rise quite a bit.

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