Godsticks launch second single from upcoming album – Progwereld

On May 26 Godsticks will release the new album “This Is What A Winner Look Likes” on the Kscope label.

The second single from the album titled “If I Don’t Take It All” has just been released. In it, the band embraces electronic elements that add even more texture to their signature identity. According to the band, it’s full of dynamism and moves nimbly through its short running time, remaining accessible and exploratory and the perfect amuse-bouche for the album.

After releasing ‘Inescapable’ in February 2020, just a month before the world went into an impasse, the band had no resources to perform the new songs in front of an audience. Living in this world of stagnation, it wasn’t until September 2021, when the band was able to perform the songs in front of a live audience, that they started thinking about their next album.

“It was impossible not to notice the creative tsunami that the pandemic brought to the music industry – every band was writing and releasing new music. For me, however, it was the least creative time in my entire life,” said singer Darran Charles.

The love of writing and productivity was rekindled by the opportunity to perform live. By experimenting with electronic sounds and delegating writing duties within the band, ‘This Is What A Winner Looks Like’ became their most collaborative album to date.

The album was recorded at Rockfield Studios, produced by James Loughrey and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. The album’s striking cover artwork was created by Richard Beeching who says, “The band and I agreed that we needed a visually appealing cover that would match the album’s strong title, but wouldn’t be too literal. Something just abstract enough to allow the public to make whatever they want. Our primate meets that perfectly.”

Godsticks – ‘This Is What A Winner Looks Like’

1. If I Don’t Take It All
2. Eliminate and Repair
3. This Is My New Normal
4. Devotion Made To Offend
5.Silent Saw
6. Throne
7. Don’t Say A Word To Me
8. Mayhem
9. Lying
10.Wake Up

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