Furniture for the elderly in need of care

Getting older, it’s sometimes a double feeling. On the one hand, it is wonderful to have so much life experience, but we all recognize that it makes a lot of difference in which way you grow old.

When you or your partner has an elderly relative who needs special care, it is important to choose the right furniture for him or her. This makes life easier and more comfortable and helps keep him or her safe, healthy and who knows, even living independently for longer. Especially when you first come into a situation where one of your (in-law) parents needs help, it can be a surprising part to consider special furniture for the elderly who need care. For example, have you ever researched where you can buy standing on chairs? They can make life a lot easier!

Stand on chairs

Easy to get up chairs are ideal for elderly relatives who need help getting up. Look for chairs with a wide base so that they are stable. Stand up chairs are therefore extremely suitable for this. You can easily buy stand up chairs online and you will receive them quickly. Make sure that there is enough space around the furniture for people with walking difficulties, so that the elderly person in question can easily reach the chair or bed with a walker.


Some elderly people think it’s excessive to use a walker indoors, even though that’s often where the accidents happen. It may then be a good idea to attach extra handles to the walls, so that support is still available. A wheelchair-accessible bathroom is ideal for elderly relatives who need help bathing or using the toilet. Provide a safety grab bar near the bath or shower.

Adjustable bed

A bed that can raise and lower is a good option for elderly relatives who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. It is important to choose a mattress that is firm but comfortable.

Possibly an alarm system

A good idea could be to look at a certain alarm system, so that in case of an emergency, action can be taken at the touch of a button. Lying down for a long time after a painful fall is an incredibly unpleasant experience. Especially if your (in-law) mother or father lives alone, this can create a sense of security.

In short, make sure that there are functional ones in the home of the elderly and that the chance of a fall is as small as possible.


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