“Free money is just as important as freedom of speech,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made several well-known individuals think about the future of finance and their freedom in it. For example, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. through this pandemic has come to the conclusion that “the freedom to conduct transactions is just as important as the freedom of expression”.

The Democratic presidential nominee spoke on Bitcoin 2023 yesterday in Miami in his first public appearance as a candidate and the most anticipated event of the week at the conference. Nearly every seat on Bitcoin 2023’s main “Nakamoto Stage” was taken prior to his keynote address.

Free money is important

Kennedy’s keynote began with an explanation of how he became interested in Bitcoin (BTC). He said Canada’s decision to freeze the bank accounts of truckers protesting COVID-19 restrictions strengthened his understanding of Bitcoin’s value. He said:

“Seeing this catastrophe – this devastating use of government repression – made me realize for the first time how free money is just as important to freedom as free speech.”

Kennedy Jr. will protect Bitcoin

The nominee, who is an outspoken critic of vaccine mandates, said supporting Bitcoin is both an “exercise and a guarantee” of the civil liberties he has pledged to protect. He therefore promised to protect the most important cryptocurrency. He said the following:

“Bitcoin is a bulwark against exactly this kind of expansion and government and corporate interference. As president, I will ensure that your right to hold and use Bitcoin is inviolable.”

Unlike the current president of the United States, he pointed to Biden’s proposal for a 30% excise tax on cryptocurrency miners, claiming that this would require an “intrusive surveillance system to monitor what happens on individual computers” and a sets a bad precedent.

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