for this reason it is better not to eat a banana for breakfast

A banana for breakfast is the most convenient option if you are not a big eater or in a hurry. You put it in your bag and you’re done ready to go. Unfortunately, a banana in the morning is not such a good idea. We tell you why it is better to save that banana for a later moment in the day!

banana for breakfast
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Easy breakfast

Especially the bad breakfasters among us must agree: a banana for breakfast is the ideal situation. It’s not too much, it’s filling and you can just eat it on the way eat. You just have to put the banana in your bag and as soon as you get hungry, you can easily eat it in any situation. It all sounds so good, but unfortunately this is not so good in practice. In fact, it’s so bad you better stop.

Banana for breakfast is a bad idea

A banana is of course a great piece of fruit in itself, because it contains many good nutrients and vitamins that your body can use. But unfortunately a banana also contains a lot of sugar. Although natural fruit sugars, the effect on your body is the same. Especially when you still have an empty stomach, a banana can cause a sugar boost. You benefit just as much from the sugars of your banana, but soon you end up in a sugar dip. As a result, you soon feel lifeless and tired again crave you to more sugar. A spiral you really don’t want to end up in!

Alternatives that are good

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave bananas in the supermarket. As we just mentioned, a banana is also good for you thanks to its nutrients and vitamins. Would you like to continue incorporating that banana into your breakfast? You can, but make sure to add more to your breakfast. For example oatmeal or cottage cheese! For the fast on the go you might be breakfast with this one overnight oats better off. You can prep this the night before, so you can take it out of the fridge in the morning to take with you.

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