First Matter lighting for sale with Nanoleaf Essentials series

Right from the start, Nanoleaf was fully committed to the new smart home standard Matter. For example, the Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes and Elements can be used as a Thread Border Router, so you no longer need annoying extra hubs. The Nanoleaf Essentials have been given a major update. Previously available for Apple Home and announced for Matter. Now the lamps are actually available as a Matter variant.

For example, there are the Matter-over-Thread bulbs, smart lamps in various variants that you can use within the Matter smart home standard. Nanoleaf launches the E27 (large fitting), GU10 (spots), B22 and so-called Downlight spots in the Essentials series. The lamps work via Matter over Thread, can be operated with the app, you can select shades of white and 16 million colors and further customize with the Nanoleaf app. Please note that you need a smart home hub for your ecosystem and a Thread Border Router. An Apple HomePod Mini, Apple TV 4K (second generation) or Google Nest Hub can do both.

In addition to the smart lamps, there is also the Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit and Expansion Pack with Matter support. A starter kit is available in two meters or five meters in length. There are also expansion packs for sale with a length of one meter and two meters. The light strips can also be customized in various shades of white and in 16 million colors.

Price and availability

The B22 and E27 lightbulbs in the Nanoleaf Essenstial Matter series are available immediately. The GU10 and the Downlights later in 2023. You can buy them separately, or in a 3-pack or 4-pack. The prices are as followed:

  • B22: 19.99 euros or 49.99 euros (3-pack)
  • E27: 19.99 euros or 49.99 euros (3-pack)
  • GU10: 19.99 euros or 49.99 euros (3-pack)
  • Downlight: 24.99 euros or 89.99 euros (4-pack)
  • Matter Lightstrip 2 meters: 49.99 euros
  • Matter Lightstrip 5 meters: 79.99 euros
  • Expansion Pack 1 meter: 19.99 euros
  • Expansion Pack 2 meters: 29.99 euros

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