Final on domestic transfer: “Then I must fail enormously”

Arne Slot was tentatively mentioned last year as the new trainer of Ajax, but after his great season with national champion Feyenoord, that is logically completely gone. That is what the coach himself says on Friday afternoon, after a question from an English journalist about his future.

Arne Slot is still releasing something about his future plans

“My next step will not be to another club in the Netherlands. If that happens, I must fail massively in the years to come. Normally my next club is abroad, and the Premier League is the biggest competition in the world,” admits Slot, who is particularly linked to Tottenham Hotspur.

Slot also finds the Italian Serie A interesting and points to the fact that so many Italian clubs are in the European finals this year. Still, he sees the Premier League as the biggest competition, he repeats.

Enjoying national championship

Slot also says about the week of celebrations after winning the title: “I estimate that it is one of the best memories of my life. If I’m going to experience something more beautiful than this, from a sporting point of view, then it must be very beautiful. The best thing is the feeling that you have become national champion. That is such a proud feeling. 112 more things have been beautiful, so maybe I’m choosing the wrong thing now. But when all those festivities are over and you stand up as national champion, that is such a special feeling.”

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What do you think Slot’s next destination will be?

  • Italy

  • England

  • Spain

  • Another country

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