FCDH ends one of the worst seasons in history

FC Den Haag won the last game of the season 0-2 at Jong AZ. Thomas Verheydt and Joël Zwarts scored the two goals of an otherwise unspectacular match at the AFAS Training Complex in Wijdewormer. With a twelfth place, one of the worst seasons in club history comes to an end.

Summer night football is the word that best sums up the first half. Especially in the first half hour, both teams hardly created any chances, but immediately afterwards the spell was broken. Thomas Verheydt flawlessly headed in on a pass from Amir Absalem and thus outwitted Jong AZ goalkeeper Westerveld in the far corner. The home team’s only chance came just before the break from Mexx Meerdink.

Jong AZ started the second half with a double substitution. However, this did not accomplish much. The first chance was for FCDH, via substitute Joël Zwarts. He replaced the injured Joey Sleegers just before the break. The home team then became a bit more threatening, but did not really cause problems for Dick Advocaat’s team. In fact, Zwarts scored the 0-2 in the last minute. That was also the final score in Wijdewormer.

Black page

Professional football has been played in the Netherlands since 1954. In all those years, FCDH only finished lower in the rankings than this season twice. In 2001, the club from The Hague finished sixteenth in the first division and fifteenth in 1996. As a result, the past football year has been one of the darkest pages in sporting history.

Outside the field, as usual in recent years, there were many administrative problems. The new owner did not yet bring the redemption that the public in The Hague was hoping for. In addition, there was a changing of the guard in November. Dick Advocaat took over the position from Dirk Kuijt, who had just been fired. Under the leadership of the Katwijker, FCDH was only seventeenth after sixteen games.

Lawyer effect

In the first months that Advocaat stood in front of the group, there seemed to be a real Dick Advocaat effect. FCDH won many matches in January and February and fully participated in the battle for the third period title. After that price narrowly passed by, the bastion in The Hague also collapsed. The fourth period was nothing to write home about.

There were a few sparse bright spots on the field. The development of youth exponent Finn van Breemen did the Hague supporter well. In addition, defender Denzel Hall and midfielders Malik Sellouki and Titouan Thomas stood out in a positive way. Top scorer was Thomas Verheydt with fourteen goals. The audience in The Hague had expected more from him, as they had actually hoped that the entire team would perform better.

Team forging

In the coming weeks, FCDH will have to work to forge a new team and perform better than this season. The most important issues that need to be addressed are first of all a new chairman, technical director and trainer. The foundation for a new team that can compete for promotion.

Score progress Young AZ – FC The Hague: 0-2

Line-up FC The Hague: Wentges, Kemper, Klas (’80 Wehrmann), Verheydt (’75 Bilate), Thomas, Breinburg, Absalem, Sleegers (’43 Zwarts), Werker, Kishna, Rodriguez

Source: broadcasting west

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