Fans find Lady Gaga unrecognizable in latest TikTok video

Lady Gaga posted a video on TikTok on Wednesday promoting the new Haus Labs lip products. Still, the lip liners are the last thing her followers talk about in the comments. Fans say they hardly recognize the singer and suspect that Gaga has visited the plastic surgeon.


Fans find Lady Gaga unrecognizable in latest TikTok

This week Lady Gaga posted a video to show off the matte lip liners House Labs, her own makeup brand, to her followers. Still, it’s Gaga herself who captures most of the attention — and not in a good way. Her followers do not think the singer looks like herself, so the comments are mainly about the appearance of the 37-year-old singer.

”This might not be lady gaga?? am i crazy,” someone writes. Another writes: “Miley Cyrus cosplaying as Lady Gaga.”


These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD 💄💋 @HausLabs (Grrrrrrr…I’m wearing maple matte 😉)

♬ Princess Diana – Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj

The video worries fans, who compare Gaga to Britney Spears. An intense statement, although it is mainly due to the dance she does. “She doing the Britney Spears twirls” says someone under the video.

Lady Gaga into joker

Speaking of an unrecognizable Lady Gaga… shooting for the Joker movie is in full swing. Earlier this year, filmmaker Todd Phillips shared footage from the film. Or well, they are a moving images but again a photo. In the first image we see Joker lying down while he is being shaved. This is expected to be the iconic moment when Joker got his signature scar.

In the second and third images we see Gaga as Harley Quinn. And the fans are going wild right now, including actress Lili Reinhart. Fan comments among others “Oscar just for that picture” and ”Lady Gaga is an amazing actress and she gives her blood when she’s working!!!! I can’t wait to watch her on theater again!!”

Small downside: the film takes a while to come. The premiere of Joker: Folie à Deux is scheduled for October 4, 2024. Yep, we’re probably starting the countdown too.

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Fans find Lady Gaga unrecognizable in latest TikTok video

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