F1 driver Lando Norris receives his special McLaren 765LT Spider

In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, there is always room for young talent to steal the spotlight. One such star who has captured the hearts of fans around the world in recent years is British racing driver Lando Norris. The extraordinary and young racing talent has proven to be one of the most exciting drivers of his generation.

Lando Norris as a McLaren driver in Formula 1

As Norris continued to develop as a racing driver, his competitive spirit and determination to win grew. He has proven himself as a serious challenger to the top drivers in Formula 1 and has already achieved several podium finishes. With his technical skills, strategic insight and tenacity on the track, Norris looks set for greater success in the future.

“All these people who have been at McLaren, and then I’ll be the next one trying to get great results for them and try to make history with them,” said the only 23-year-old Formula 1 driver. “I try never to think about it. I just try to enjoy my time with the team and make it feel like home.”

Custom built McLaren 765LT Spider

As a McLaren driver – who made his debut in 2019 – he naturally also drives a model of the British car brand privately. Although, Lewis Hamilton’s favorite car is a Ferrari, but we already know that story. Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz Jr.’s teammate, recently took delivery of his brand new McLaren 765LT Spider. A custom-made copy that is.

Lando Norris (McLaren)-02

Well, being a famous person in motorsport has its advantages. Otherwise it would be quite difficult to get your hands on a limited edition McLaren 765LT Spider’s to 765 copies. Although the performance of the 755 hp V8 engine has remained the same, a team from McLaren has spent 18 months making Norris’ personal wishes a reality.

The project consists of a carbon blue body, bright yellow brake calipers and a blue and black interior with yellow stitching. Instead of sticking his logo all over the place, four little yellow stripes and a British flag will suffice. “I didn’t want my logo everywhere, because that’s a bit: Oh, look at me.”

In short: subtlety was high on the agenda. McLaren posted a video to YouTube earlier this week, showing Norris admiring his new addition and going through all the changes from the standard model.

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