Extra space in your wardrobe thanks to… tabs from cans

It probably sounds familiar, just a little too little space in your closet. That has nothing to do with your urge to buy, but the fact that manufacturers make cabinets that are too small.

But luckily we have a solution that won’t hit your wallet.

Space through can tabs

It is and remains an annoying feeling: a wardrobe that is too small for all your clothes. You want to avoid hangers or lack of space for hangers. And there is a handy solution for that…

Now you might expect an extensive story, which requires a drill, saw, screwdriver and paint brush, but nothing could be further from the truth.

With a simple lip of cans, yes the regular cola cans, you already have the opportunity to create extra space in your cupboard.

lips of coke cans wardrobe closet
Via: pixabay.com

Expert level: anyone can do it!

As shown in the video below, this makes it possible to hang clothes hangers together and let them go down in steps.

This way you save space and you can still add those new clothes.

It is therefore very simple to remove the lip from the cola cans and use it as an intermediate piece between your coat hangers. Life can be simple sometimes too!

So this is how it should look:

Via: youtube.com (capture) | Learn To Grow

Don’t overdo it with the cans

If you have already used 240 cola cans in your cupboard, it might be wise to look for a new cupboard or home. Are you going to use this can tabs trick or do you have a handy DIY lifehack of your own?

Let us know a reaction!

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