Evolving season 22-23 has started, Fred Rutten may also leave in addition to Ooijer

Ruud van Nistelrooij will certainly be PSV’s head coach next season, although there has been no doubt about that before.

However, doubts can be heard from a small part of the supporters about the qualities of the novice but talented trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij. Yet those noises are also becoming less because PSV wins and performs after all. After Sevilla out, there was no more loss and even a solid series was put away without losing points. Whoever wins has friends and whoever wins gets appreciation and respect. So far Ruud van Nistelrooij and his future at PSV.

Looking at the head coach’s staff and the filling in for next season, major changes could take place. At least, that’s what PSV club watcher Marco Timmer thinks. The evaluation of the functioning of PSV’s technical staff has already started, club watcher Marco Timmer reports, whose message can be called quite remarkable.

“It is clear that not everything went well in the staff. For Van Nistelrooij, managing thirty players and 25 staff members at the highest level was completely new and clearly different from what he was used to at Jong PSV,” the journalist writes in Voetbal International.

According to Timmer, given the circumstances, it is logical that Van Nistelrooij sometimes had a hard time. “The approach of a young trainer who has his own ideas about how to work, train and play football also differs from the working method of an experienced coach.”

Van Nistelrooij added Javier Rabanal, Head of Methodology, to his staff this season and Timmer says: “During the season, Rabanal also disappeared from the bench. The official reading is that it was too busy on the bench and therefore too restless for the players,” says Timmer.

The question is who Van Nistelrooij will have at his disposal next season because André Ooijer will stop after this season and it is still questionable whether Fred Rutten will continue. Van Nistelrooij indicated that he assumed the same staff without any counter-message. “However, it is also clear that the correct composition of the technical staff is being discussed. It is possible that a foreigner from the coach’s network will replace Ooijer”, says Timmer.

At the moment it does not seem that Fred Rutten will call it quits at PSV after this season, but judging by Marco Timmer’s reports, it cannot be ruled out. This week, Rutten already let go of feeling fine in a role as assistant coach, but a role as head coach is what Rutten would most aspire to.

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