‘Epstein Island is not the only island where children have been hurt’

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Why don’t people from the film industry want us to watch actor Jim Caviezel’s new film about child trafficking? Steve Bannon posed that question to Caviezel.

The actor said that at a pre-premiere in Las Vegas, people started whispering at one point. When Caviezel asked them afterwards why they were whispering, they yelled, “Epstein Island!”

“Epstein Island is not the only island where they have hurt children,” he insisted, after which there was a deep silence.

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Pedophile Islands

This month it was announced that two private islands belonging to the deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will have a new owner. The new owner, billionaire Stephen Deckoff, wants to build a luxury holiday resort.

Locally, the islands were known as ‘pedophile islands’ and ‘orgy islands’. Epstein allegedly abused minors.


Host Tucker Carlson said on the Full Send Podcast that Epstein was killed in prison and then Attorney General Bill Barr covered it up.

Earlier, Caviezel said at a conference that they extract adrenochrome from small children. Some children are saved. “They take kids from the depths of hell, from DUMBs and all sorts of different places,” he said, referring to underground military bases.

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