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Do you work on the dentist’s project? Or do you spend one or more works on dental care or healthy food. Growing up includes taking care of your teeth. Brushing your teeth is one of the activities that makes a major contribution to this. But you have to learn to brush your teeth. In kindergarten, children pay more attention to their teeth. That is precisely the time to stimulate brushing your teeth even more.

Practice brushing your teeth!

Of course, the period of dental care starts from a young age. Brushing your teeth is then an activity that is mainly directed by the parents and where you stimulate brushing your teeth and try to make it a pleasant activity. At High Teeth you can find many tips and material to pay attention to dental care at a young age.

Encourage independent brushing of teeth at pre-school age

As they grow up, children make steps towards becoming independent. The toddler age is the time that brushing the teeth itself will be done. But it is important that brushing is done in the right way. This way you prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy. It is common for older toddlers to lose their teeth. It is precisely the adult teeth that have to last for years to come, so it is important that they are brushed regularly.

Extra attention to brushing teeth

A cleaning diploma is a means to pay extra attention to cleaning. First of all, attention is needed for the brushing techniques. Demonstrate the techniques while looking in the mirror with your child. Make it a nice moment. After this, you can turn on a timer while brushing, so that each child gets an idea of ​​how much time it takes to brush. After a few days or a week of paying a lot of attention to this and supervising the brushing, it is fantastic if every child can now do this completely independently. Finally, it is nice to give a cleaning diploma. Tip! Later you would like to look back at this moment, so note the date on the diploma.

Download the cleaning certificate

There are two versions of this brushing diploma: a diploma with what the child has learned and a diploma where you can put a curl every day or stick a sticker when a child has cleaned properly. For the cleaning diplomas, several characters have been chosen, so that you can choose a figure that suits your child.

Use this cleaning diploma in the classroom too!

Of course you can also pay a lot of attention to brushing your teeth in class. For example, when you work about the dentist, but also for a dental care lesson. The above diplomas are certainly suitable for this.

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