Emerce Fashion TV: ’91 percent conversion via mobile’

Nine out of ten online purchases at About You are made via a mobile device. The underlying technology can be purchased by fashion brands and retailers.

Fashion brands and retailers are wise to choose a specialization if they want to grow online. “It is expensive to access the end consumer and customers have high expectations,” said Evert Hemelaar of technology company Scayle on Emerce TV.

The relevant Fashion video collection with will be released next Thursday and can be watched for free.

“They focus directly on the consumer”, with which the country manager wants to indicate that retailers can best focus on this. Parties such as Scayle then focus on supplying the underlying technology. The software company is a division of About You and is related to it in the way that AWS is to Amazon.

Brands, in turn, are specialists in product development and their brand story. It is most cost efficient if they focus on that.

Hemelaar has been actively marketing its service on the Benelux market since last year. “The e-commerce software market is busy.” Most can be expected from its technicians in Germany, because a SaaS product stands or falls with the quality and usefulness that users derive from it.

In addition to the Netherlands, Scayle is also setting up activities in the UK and Scandinavia outside its home market of Germany.

More than a hundred fashion brands and retailers are customers of the e-commerce cloud. Who is that suitable for? “For parties that want to achieve a gross turnover of thirty to fifty million euros, green.”

*) The Fashion video collection will be released next Thursday and can be watched for free. Interested parties only need to register once. The videos can also be viewed in the period after publication.

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