Eloise van Oranje in bathing suit on TV! Big fuss “This is the limit!”

Eloise van Oranje is in the news again, this time for her participation in ‘Het Perfecte Plaatje Op Reis’. Celebrities in South Africa have to pose for the most beautiful photo shoots. Eloise can be seen in a bathing suit, but that causes a stir.

Eloise van Oranje in bathing suit

Royalty expert Jeroen Snel believes that such a swimsuit photo shoot is going too far for a royal like Eloise: “I think it’s a borderline case. The edge is sought after. Angela de Jong writes that Beatrix choked on the tea when she put on the bathing suit and then showed her generous bombonellas. I understand her very well.”

‘The Perfect Picture When Traveling’

He continues: “Eloise is of course quite famous, she feels like a star and she really enjoys participating in that program ‘The perfect picture’, but yes… It is someone who is a member of the royal family. Her uncle is the king. It’s the limit.”


Can Eloise do whatever she wants? After all, she does not receive an allowance from the royal family: “Yes, no, that’s right, only you can do a lot of things. She’s been busy, for a long time, but this bathing suit is the limit. I mean it’s not necessary and she doesn’t need it. As far as I’m concerned, she shouldn’t have done it.”

Below is the interview and images:

Via Media Courant RTL

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