Dutch talks about textile deal stalled

Detailed negotiations to arrive at a follow-up system to the former Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGD). 2021 finally came to an endA focus on promoting sustainability and ethical practices in the industry has failed to yield progress.

Stakeholders, including representatives of companies, unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), were unable to agree on the scope of a potential agreement. As a result, negotiations were halted.

Participating companies include large industry associations such as Retail sales and Modint, the trade unions CNV and FNV, and the NGOs Solidaridad and UNICEF.

According to the Social and Economic Council (SER), the parties involved “did not agree on the scope of a possible agreement”, which led to the conclusion of the negotiation process. Despite this setback, the parties are committed to pursuing future collaborations and bilateral partnerships that address critical issues impacting the textile supply chain.

Discussions on exploring a new deal Launched at the end of 2021 with the aim of establishing a covenant between companies, trade unions and NGOs on human rights, international labor rights, the environment and animal welfare in the garment and textile sector.

The parties jointly strived for leadership with due regard for responsible business conduct, in line with the OECD Guidelines and the UNGPs on business and human rights.

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