Drink time: 4x recipes for vegetarian pâté

Is an evening of drinks not complete for you without a nice pâté? These ‘green’ pâtés give your serving platter an adventurous touch.

Vegetarian pâté recipes

At Foodies it is drink time this month. We celebrate that a lot. For example, we already shared several lists with our favorite snacks. And that’s where this list comes in. Because we made four delicious pâtés. The common denominator? The pâtés are completely vegetarian. Take out the snack board and quickly view these four recipes for vegetarian pâté. Which one will you make first?

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1. Mexican bean pate with tostada

First we make a trip to Mexico. They know how to drink there. For example, in Foodies Fiësta Mexicana you will find various recipes for Mexican snacks. And a good pâté should not be missing. Try this bean pâté with tostadas (fried corn tortillas).

> to the recipe: Mexican bean pâté with tostada

Mexican bean pate with tostada

2. Nut-lentil pâté

Are you crazy about nuts? We also! This pâté based on pecan nuts and brown lentils is to die for. Serve the pâté with toasts, raisin-nut bread and grapes for the fullexperience. If only it was drink time every day…

> to the recipe: nut-lentil pâté

recipes for vegetarian pâté Nut-lentil pâté

3. Mushroom pate

This is perhaps our absolute favorite when it comes to vegetarian pâté recipes. Because you use funghi porcini, which is dried porcini mushrooms, and different types of mushrooms. The other ingredients provide a nice balance between fresh and earthy flavors. Nuts, bread or vegetable chips also combine well with this pâté.

> to the recipe: mushroom pâté

recipes for vegetarian pâté Mushroom pâté

4. Layer pâté with carrot, cauliflower and spinach

The last of the four recipes for vegetarian pâté, but certainly not the least. This pâté, for example, is packed with vegetables. Carrots, cauliflower and spinach give the pâté a healthy flavour boost. Drinking without feeling guilty, you can take a little extra of this. Arugula, olive oil and lemon juice completely balance the pâté, feel free to serve it in separate bowls.

> to the recipe: layered pâté with carrot, cauliflower and spinach

Layer pâté with carrot cauliflower and spinach

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