Driessen lashes out at Arnesen: “A mess”

Valentijn Driessen has delivered a sneer at Frank Arnesen. According to De Telegraaf’s football chief, the Dane is not allowed to claim credits for Feyenoord’s championship.

Former director Feyenoord receives sneer

Arnesen and Arne Slot built a new success story in South Rotterdam. Due to physical problems, he said goodbye to Feyenoord early in the season, but according to many, he is partly responsible for the championship. Driessen thinks very differently about this.

“Arnesen has done one thing well and that is bringing in Slot,” said Driessen in a video item from The Telegraph. “Obviously he made a mess of it. In his first year he was only allowed to invest, these were merely bad buys. Feyenoord is still reaping the bitter fruits of that. I think they still pay about four million euros annually for all the mistakes Frank Arnesen has made.”

Driessen does have an idea why Feyenoord has been so successful in the last two years. “The youth academy again supplies youth products. These were all people who were already in the youth academy before Arnesen came to Feyenoord. So we can certainly be a bit critical of Arnesen’s role. What he has done well is to bring Slot to the club,” concludes the journalist.

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