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When you are looking for the best food for your dog, you come across different types, brands and diets. Of course you can’t always just decide what’s good for your dog. It is therefore wise to do this in consultation with your vet. For example, you may have to give your dog special diet food due to a health risk or condition. We have listed a few common reasons why dogs are given diet food and what this does for you in this blog.

The optimal weight

Every dog ​​is different and a healthy weight is therefore different for every dog. Factors such as: age, breed, activity level and gender influence the weight your dog has (and should have). If your dog is underweight or overweight, your vet can advise you on the food and portions your dog should receive each day. For example, your dog can be prescribed food from the Royal Canin Vetinary Diet line. This contains the right nutrients with which you can get your dog to a healthy weight. An unhealthy weight can entail various health risks that you want to prevent. Are you unsure about your dog’s weight? Then talk to your vet about this.

Good joints

Just like humans, some dogs suffer from joint wear and tear. One in five dogs will suffer from osteoarthritis later in life. Large, sturdy dog ​​breeds in particular have an increased risk of suffering from this. This makes your dog less active, he lags behind during walks, he wants to play less often and he gets out of his basket less smoothly. In that case, you can, in consultation with your vet, give your dog diet food for dogs with joint problems. This food contains substances such as: omega-3, glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances help fight inflammation and the decay of your dog’s joints.

Clean urinary tract

> When your dog suddenly starts to urinate in the house, urinates for a shorter time, squeaks when urinating and/or has a different color of urine, this may mean that your dog suffers from bladder stones. Waste that your dog doesn’t need has clumped together into crystals in the urinary tract, which causes your dog to urinate. There are two different types of bladder stones that your dog can suffer from. It is therefore important to go to your vet, who can determine which variant it is. This way your dog can be treated in the right way and be prescribed the right food – from Trovet, for example. This way your four-legged friend will not be bothered by this.

By giving the right diet food, you ensure that your dog can lead a pleasant and healthy life. In the long run, that is a lot nicer for both you and your dog. Do you doubt whether your dog is suffering from something and may need to follow a special diet for this? Please contact your vet about this.

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