Do you want to get pregnant? Try to avoid stress

The time has come: contraception disappears in the trash. You are ready for pregnancy. An exciting time is coming: ‘how long will it (still) last?’ You try to let it go a bit, but the stress of getting pregnant still haunts your mind… And that’s actually one of the last things you’re waiting for.

How does stress affect your fertility? And how can you deal with this?

Research: link between stress and getting pregnant

Researchers at Ohio State University have investigated the link between stress and infertility. They followed women between the ages of 18 and 40 without known fertility problems for a year (or until their wish to have children was fulfilled).

The study found that the women with the highest amount of stress hormones in the saliva more time needed to get pregnant. This group of women had twice as much chance of clinical infertility (i.e. not getting pregnant after one to two years of active trying).

3 ways to reduce stress (and boost your fertility)

So: stress can really get in the way of a pregnancy. This is also because you fall back faster to unhealthy habits during stressful periods. And that is not beneficial for your fertility…

Here are three ways you can try to address this problem:

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1. Ensure a fixed sleep rhythm

Do you often have irregular working hours; are you a real night owl or do you regularly lie worryingly staring at the ceiling? That may have to change. A fixed sleeping pattern promotes your fertility and provides more peace of mind.

2. Keep moving

It’s a fact: exercise reduces stress. And if you feel good about yourself, the chance of pregnancy increases. It is therefore advisable to exercise for about 30 minutes every day. Cycle, walk, swim or row, but don’t overdo it! That backfires…

3. Eat healthy

When you’re tense, you’re more likely to reach for the unhealthy junk in your kitchen cupboard. It’s high time to stop that! A healthy diet can increase the chance of pregnancy. Certain nutrients, such as minerals and vitamin D, can contribute to a good hormone balance.

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Do you want to get pregnant? Try to avoid stress

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