discover the 15 best looks for short hair

Smooth and short haircuts are back. We understand why! It’s stylish, versatile and saves you a lot of time. In this article you will find the 15 best looks for short hair.

smooth short haircuts for women
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Short haircuts for women

Not only are short haircuts easy to maintain, but they are also versatile. In addition, a short haircut creates a powerful look and accentuates your face.

Smooth short hairstyles come in many shapes, sizes and lengths. In this inspiration article you will undoubtedly find a short haircut that suits you completely!

short hair blonde glasses
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The short sassy haircut is becoming increasingly popular

That short sassy haircuts only for ladies with a midlife crisis are now really outdated. Meanwhile, the short spicy haircut has a real comeback made. In fact, short locks are extremely popular – no matter what age you are!

Benefits of short hair

Short hair is very stylish. But there are even more reasons to put the scissors in your locks (and not regret it):

You save a lot of time

The advantage of short hair is that you can finish styling it in no time! You only need a few tools and products to style your hair.

short hair black denim jacket
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It’s versatile!

Contrary to what you may think, with short hair you can go either way. You can give your short locks a different look in an instant.

Your hair is healthier

Say goodbye to dead spots! When you choose a short haircut, your hair is much healthier. Your hair will thank you ;-).

short hair healthy volume
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Your hair has more volume

In most cases, short hair has more volume, so you can finally enjoy a full head of hair!

15 Smooth Short Haircuts

From bob to short curls, everything passes by. What is your favorite? Discover it below!

1. The classic bob

With the classic bob you are always good. A bob is super stylish and easy to style!

short haircut bob
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2. The pixie cut

One thing is certain: the pixie cut is here to stay. This cool hairstyle has a rough edge and is available in many variants.

pixie cut
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3. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs frame your face on both sides, like a kind of grown-out fringe. This is a huge trend in hairstyles with (semi) long hair. But also being with short hair curtain bangs really the icing on the cake.

curtain bangs
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4. The sleek bob

The sleek bob is perfect for ladies with thin and straight hair! This haircut proves that you don’t necessarily need thick hair for a beautiful short haircut.

short hair sleek bob
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5. The shaggy lob

The shaggy lob is casual and quirky, but also very stylish.

shaggy lob
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6. The bouncy bob

Move over, classic bob! The bouncy bob is a blow-dried short cut that is nicely full at the bottom. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who naturally have a lot of volume in their hair. Thanks to the bouncy bob, this is accentuated very nicely!

short haircut bouncy bob
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7. A long bob

Is a classic or bouncy bob going a step too far for you? Then choose a long bob. This way you can first get used to your short haircut. You can always decide to put the scissors in!

long bob
Via: | Mathilde Langevin, CC

8. Short bob with curls

It is really nonsense that ladies with curly hair should not be fitted with a bob! A short bob for curly hair is all the rage right now, and we can understand why.

short bob curls
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9. The Asymmetrical Bob

With this short haircut, one side of your hair is slightly longer than the other. The asymmetrical bob is a unique and modern take on the classic bob.

asymmetrical bob
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10. The straight bob

With the straight bob you always play up safe. With this short haircut, your hair is cut to one length, so you can go in any direction with it.

straight bob
Via: | Anh Tuan To, CC

11. Short bob with waves

Unfortunately, not every hair type gets more volume as soon as a few centimeters go off. Fortunately, you can make one yourself wavy creating a bob with a curling iron.

short haircuts bob waves
Via: | Manny Moreno, CC

12. Short haircut with quiff

A quiff gives your short haircut a tough look and provides a unique twist. Of course extra nice to provide your crest with a cool color!

short hair quiff
Via: | Alex Sheldon, CC

13. Bob with side parting

You usually see the bob line passing by in a center parting. But you can also wear a side part with a bob!

bob with side parting
Via: | Daniel Monteiro, CC

14. Short and wild curls

For those who have a lot of voluminous curls, short hair creates a super playful effect.

short wild curls
Via: | Alexander Grey, CC

15. The wolf cut

This short haircut is for real daredevils. The wolf cut is tough and casual, but we certainly understand if you prefer (at first). safe plays.

short hair wolf cut
Via: | Vusal Ibadzade, CC

Tips for styling short women’s haircuts

Who knows, there may be just the right tip for your hair.

This way you get (and keep) a smooth look

  • Hairspray keeps your short locks in place
  • Dry shampoo gives your hair extra volume and structure
  • Use a styling mousse for more shine and volume
  • Blow-dry your hair immediately after washing

Products for short hair

Got inspired by all the hairstyles and tips? And do you want to take care of your hair? We have listed here a list of the perfect products for short hair.

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 200ML

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 200ML

Greasy hair is a thing of the past with Batiste’s dry shampoo. This is the only dry shampoo that works for a long time and does not give your hair a white cast. The scent is very fresh too!

3. Nivea Extra Strong Styling Mousse 150ML

This styling mousse from Nivea provides extra strong hold and extra volume. It keeps your hair in shape all day long, without making it sticky.

A short haircut: something for you?

We are very curious which short haircut is your favorite. Although of course we also understand if you prefer to stick to long locks ;-).

Is a short haircut your thing? Let us know in one comment below!

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