Debutants Karen Damen, MAKSIM, ea on Radio2 Parkies

Debutants Karen Damen, MAKSIM, Günther Neefs

Debutants Karen Damen, MAKSIM, Günther Neefs and Topguns (including Sean Dhondt), but also Gustaph and Gers Pardoel are the eye-catchers at this year’s 32nd Radio2 Parkies concerts. With 137 free performances, 17 artists and 19 locations, ‘the biggest smallest festival’ is writing history this summer! Debutants Karen Damen, MAKSIM, Günther Neefs and Topguns (including Sean Dhondt), but also Gustaph and Gers Pardoel are the eye-catchers at this year’s 32st Radio2 Parkies concerts. Margriet and Celien Hermans, Cookies And Cream, ABBA4U, Truephonic (Coco Jr., Sandrine), Soulbrothers, Bart Kaëll, Mathias Vergels, Garry Hagger, The Rocket Guy (Elton John tribute) and a light version of Soulbrothers will also be present .

Debutants Karen Damen

19 locations, 17 top artists and 137 free performances

In July and August you can visit the free Radio2 Parkies in Waregem, Knokke-Heist, Sint-Niklaas, Torhout, Genk, Deinze, Blankenberge, Maasmechelen, Vilvoorde, Beringen, Middelkerke, De Haan, Zonnebeke, Maldegem, Maaseik and Roeselare concerts. With the additions of Edegem, Sint-Truiden and Hamont-Achel, the 32st edition, good for 137 free performances, already history. People of all ages who come together and fraternize in a green location nearby, where they enjoy top concerts in a festival setting. Those are the parts of the success formula. As in previous years, the organization, together with local authorities, sponsors and (media) partners, will continue to invest in this unique experience.

Zomerhit winner Margriet Hermans with daughter Celien

Before she releases her ‘One Woman Show’ this fall, Karen Damen will give you a taste of the Radio2 Parkies concerts. Topguns, the new 80’s cover band of her drumming husband Antony Van der Wee, singer Sean Dhondt and guitarist John Miles Jr., will also make its debut at the festival. Artist and #LikeMe face MAKSIM, Günther Neefs with his 3-band, The Rocket Guy paying tribute to Sir Elton John and Garry Hagger, are also there for the first time. Bart Kaëll, Cookies And Cream, ABB4U, the Guy Swinnen Band, Mama’s Jasje and Soulbrothers Wim Soutaer, Charles Van Domburg and Vincent Goeminne are familiar faces. Mathias Vergels, Gers Pardoel and Zomerhit winner Margriet Hermans with daughter Celien, do for the 2the come along.

Margriet Hermans Sint-Niklaas feast 29112022

Coco Jr. and Sandrine with their Truephonic, and Gustaph

Add to that the arrival of Coco Jr. and Sandrine with their Truephonic, and Gustaph. After his 7the place in the Eurovision Song Contest, he, like almost all artists, comes along with his musicians for a few concerts. On you will find the complete line-up with dates and locations. The 32nd Radio 2 Parkies concerts, which take place in July and August, already set a new record with 19 locations, 17 top artists and 137 free performances. One of the many strong assets of ‘the biggest smallest festival in Belgium’ are the opportunities artists get to play with their musicians for a wide audience. Just like Metejoor, who was often a guest in the past to gain experience, the popular MAKSIM is also seizing that opportunity with both hands as a debutant this year.

Debutante MAKSIM

He became known to the general public with his role as Vincent in the Ketnet series #LikeMe. With his successful debut album ‘MAKSIM’, which he released last year, the versatile dancer, actor and singer has taken great steps forward. In anticipation of a 2nd album, he recently scored a big hit with his latest single ‘Onder Invloed’. Karen Damen, the 80’s band Topguns, Günther Neefs, The Rocket Guy and Garry Hagger will also be there for the first time this year. The first performances of Karen Damen’s ‘One Woman Show’ were sold out in no time. Accompanied by her regular pianist, straightforward and no-nonsense, Karen already gives a foretaste of her new theater tour at the Radio2 Parkies concerts.

Topgun’s new band around singer Sean Dhondt

Taking the audience on a nostalgic trip to the 80’s, that’s what Topguns, the new band around singer Sean Dhondt, Karen Damen’s husband and drummer Antony Van der Wee, and guitarist John Miles Jr. do. (son of) does. The like-minded souls of Topguns will soon let the audience sing along with pure 80’s classics by Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Simple Minds, INXS, etc. In ‘Love for Music’, Günther Neefs, son of the iconic Louis, is one of the absolute trendsetters this season . In recent years, Günther has released 15 varied Dutch and English albums, some of which have been awarded gold and platinum. From that repertoire, supplemented with songs from his upcoming new album ‘The power of music’, he and his 3-Band will be a guest on the Radio2 Parkies this summer.

Sean Dhondt (Top Guns)

The Rocket Guy

With an extensive tour, Sir Elton John bid farewell to the public as a live performer. Thanks to The Rocket Guy, the Dutch band around singer Guy Harris, the immortal classics of the indisputable British glamor king of rock piano continue to live on stage. Thanks to their strong reputation, you can enjoy the wonderful repertoire of the eccentric, iconic British world artist with The Rocket Guy. ‘i’m Still Standing Standing’, ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Your Song’ and many more hits are reviewed. Cycling fanatic Garry Hagger, who broke through with the general public more than 30 years ago with ‘Het Allermooiste’, looks sharp, has a lot of energy and, above all, is eager to flatter the audience with his musicians this summer.

Garry Hagger

Eurovision Song Contest revelation Gustaph

His powerful voice is still the trademark of this top entertainer. With fresh pop songs, such as ‘Alles wat ik wil’, ‘Only with her’, but also his latest single ‘Kom bij mij’, he remains current and is up to date. For Eurovision Song Contest revelation Gustaph, who came 7th at the last edition, the Radio2 Parkies concerts are no unknown territory. In recent years he has always been part of various occupations. Surrounded by his musicians, the versatile ‘Because of You’ singer will once again provide a series of successful performances. After their successful debut, Gers Pardoel, Margriet and Celien Hermans, Mathias Vergels, ABBA4U and Bart Kaëll are on the Radio2 Parkies bill for the 2nd time.


Bart Kaëll and his musicians

Gers Pardoel, (‘I will take you with me’, ‘Bagadrager’, ‘Zo Bijzonder’) completes his successful tour and will play this year at the new locations and the places where he was not last year. Margriet Hermans won last year’s Summer hit with ‘Staying on’, something she takes literally this year, because she will be present again together with her musicians and daughter Celien. Bart Kaëll and his musicians will perform his popular classics, such as ‘Zeil je hetfirst’ and ‘De Marie-Louise’. The Belgian top band ABBA4U is once again browsing in the rich past of Sweden’s most famous pop band of all time and Mathias Vergels and his music-making men from Het Goede Example will play a very tight set again, including Mathias’ latest single ‘Too beautiful to be true’.

Bart Kaell

Soul Brothers Wim Soutaer, Charles Van Domburg

You can also sing along, party and dance with Cookies And Cream. The Antwerp band, which has just launched the new single ‘SuperNice’ after ‘Mis je’ and ‘Camping Disco’, among others, plays in both a regular and an XXL version. Equally enjoyable, but in a light version, are the Soulbrothers Wim Soutaer, Charles Van Domburg and Vincent Goeminne. Coco Jr. and Sandrine provide the necessary atmosphere with Truephonic, just like Peter Van Laet who brings the greatest hits of Mama’s Jasje. The 32nd Radio 2 Parkies concerts will take place in July and August 2023 at 19 locations in Flanders and are again free. From 19:00 the public is welcome for a walk-in program, followed by the main artist.
In the coming days you will find all information about the locations and the performing artists on

Photos: House Of Entertainment.

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