Dante Vanzeir suspension is over: “Watch how he handles it”

Dante Vanzeir’s suspension from New York Red Bulls is over. From Sunday he is again entitled to play after the racism riot.

Dante Vanzeir was suspended for six games in the American MLS competition for his racist statements. The spokesperson for the Viking Army supporters’ association, who criticized the lenient sentence, responds to the return of the former Union SG player.

“If Vanzeir plays, there will be mixed reactions,” it sounds in La Dernière Heure. “Some club members are not prepared to give him a good reception. Others are willing to give him a second chance.” Should our compatriot score, then we have to watch how everyone will react, apparently it will also be a difficult item for his teammates. Planned actions against a return of Vanzeir are in any case not foreseen.

Expectations are high and if he cannot live up to them, his passage in the MLS after this season seems to be over for Vanzeir. “He can have a good season. He’s got talent, that’s for sure. He can become a very good player for the Red Bulls. We’ll see how he handles this weekend and the weeks after, how he performs on the field but also as a person. If he can succeed on both fronts, he can become a phenomenal footballer and an even better person.”

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