Create a Happy List full of fun music!

It started during the dishes, when I was listening to the radio with my daughter and a cheerful song came by that we started dancing to naturally.

“What is this number?”
“Wait, let me look it up on Spotify”
“Maybe we could make a list of happy songs?”

And so the Happy List was born, a list of happy music. Only later did I read about the positive influence music can have on your mood. And it goes without saying, there are few people who don’t get happy with cheerful dance music or ‘wrong’ humpapa music.

Because yes, I also find pirate music terribly bad, but it always puts a smile on my face when I hear it. At the same time there are enough (good) singers who almost sing me into a depression.

Our Happy List has grown over the years to more than a hundred numbers. Sometimes we walk into the supermarket and we hear a number. We will then look for them immediately. That is often quite difficult, because often the title and / or artist are not mentioned. Or we have found a completely wrong song, which is possibly even happier and then we suddenly have two new songs.

Other times things come to mind, like hey, we must have something from Paul Simon, The Jackson 5 and Madness. But especially listening to the radio during the dishes has resulted in quite a few new songs, even Justin Bieber.

We also once searched for a text and ended up with an Arabic song that sounds very swinging, although we have no idea what the song is about. Just like we have no idea about the Mongolian throat singing hubby suggested.

We are a bit critical. I also listen to the Happy List on Friday afternoon to look forward to the weekend and then I really don’t feel like listening to the aforementioned pirate music. Children for Children also did not make it to the pre-selection (most of the songs from KvK are also quite pathetic). I listen to different music during my work.

Last year in December I shared a song from the list on Instagram every day, because December is not fun for everyone. The songs not only make you happy, they also make life a bit lighter and more relaxed. For example, I am not a public dancer, but I like to exaggerate a bit during the dishes – in a domestic circle.

Even if my daughter doesn’t feel like doing the dishes or complains about something else, it always cheers us up. The first song on the list is by the Barenaked Ladies, If I Had $1,000,000 and at the bottom of the list is the most recent song, Give That Wolf A Banana from Eurovision.

So there is always something to be happy about. Even during the washing up.

You can listen to our Happy List here on Spotify:

Or, of course, you can make one yourself!

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Tip against a gloomy moment: Make a Happy List with cheerful music

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