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great with the hema laptop bag daisies
The HEMA is about my favorite store when it comes to gadgets. I regularly check the new products and sometimes what’s on sale makes me so happy. Often also for good prices, so that you can make an impulse purchase. In this blog I write down the gems that I find at HEMA. Real fun gadgets. Stuff that makes you happy. Cool at the HEMA!

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Cool at the HEMA

Cool at the HEMA stuff is very diverse. One time it’s about socks, the next time about a cool bag, then again about scouring pads or swimming rings, you name it.

Laptop bag with flowers

Very cool, this one laptop bag with flowers! It is made of blank canvas and has daisies embroidered on it. Coincidentally, my laptop bag with ice creams, which I have had for a few years, is also starting to get some cracks. So this one comes at the right time! The nice thing is that it also has a shoulder strap, so you can easily carry it. Suitable for a 13 and 15 inch laptop. Really HEMA!

Tompouce scouring pads

Also very cool at the HEMA: this one tompouce scouring pads. I suddenly feel like cleaning. Don’t these look great on the countertop? Much nicer than those ugly green/yellow things. I want her! Immediately!

HEMA tompouce scouring pads

Black jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is so nice, and such a black dress is nice. If you opt for designer clothing, you often pay around a hundred euros, but at HEMA you can score such a beautiful jumpsuit for half. Can you participate all summer. If it will be summer again then hey 😉

great with the hema jumpsuit black

Analog photo camera

Digital is out, analog is in, when it comes to cameras that is. More and more people are opting for such a retro copy. At HEMA it is affordable and you can also buy rolls there. For color photos or black and white, whatever you like best to capture your memories for later.

great with the hema analog camera

Towel pegs

Do you know that? You are on the beach, but there is still a strong wind. Every once in a while you have to run again to get your towel or your clothes that blow away. With this towel clips you can easily attach them to your beach chair, windshield or beach bag. Ideal! And in sunny colors too. Really cool at the HEMA.

great with the Hema bath towel pegs

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