Complete Guide to Wildcard SSL Certificates

Although managing numerous sites for your website can be challenging, it can benefit your company in the long run. It would be more complicated to secure those URLs with numerous SSL/TLS certificates, but fortunately, there is a straightforward fix: a wildcard certificate.

A sign or letter, which can be read as any series of characters or a blank space, is referred to as a “wildcard” quite frequently. An asterisk

is the symbol used in global credentials before your domain name.

Today’s article will cover everything from the definition of Wildcard SSL Certificates, their significance, and purchasing and using them. In safeguarding your website, applications, and networks, you’ll be equipped with the information and assurance you need by the conclusion of this guidance. So let’s start now!

What are the Wildcard SSL Certificates?

Wildcard SSL credentials are electronic credentials used to protect networks, apps, and websites. They provide a similar degree of security as conventional SSL Certificates but are more adaptable and affordable. Large companies with numerous web pages or subdomains should use awild card SSL certificate . It’s not a costly deal to buy a wildcard SSL. Many SSL providers offer low cost or cheap wildcard SSL

in industry. In contrast, normal SSL Certificates need an individual certificate for every website or subdomain, whereas a Wildcard Certificate can secure a complete domain and its subdomains,

Certificate Jurisdictions are responsible for issuing wildcard SSL certificates. A trustworthy third-party company called a CA confirms the legitimacy of the company seeking the SSL Certificate.

How do Wildcard SSL Certificates work?

In contrast to other kinds of certificates, a wildcard SSL certificate enables you to protect an infinite number of sites in addition to your primary name. By doing this, you can avoid spending time and cash buying and maintaining individual SSL keys for every alias.

These certificates are given to sites whose hostnames contain the wildcard symbol

  • , denoted by an asterisk. The amount of branches that this character can represent is infinite.
  • For instance, when creating the CSR code, it needs to be specified that the certificate should be given to * if you wish to purchase one for The certification would be valid for locations with “” as their principal domain name. This might incorporate the following:

The number of sites one can incorporate into this list is unlimited as long as they all finish Wildcard SSL certificates can only protect first-level sites. Consequently, the global certificate cannot cover

  • Wildcard certificates are sometimes available as domain-verified (DV) certificates, which can be obtained quickly and only need proof of name ownership. A certificate verified by an organization (OV) allows you to opt for having the information about your business shown in the certificate’s details. This necessitates a screening procedure to demonstrate that your website is trustworthy.
  • Features of Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Unrestricted server licensing.
  • It can safeguard a limitless number of sub-domains with a single SSL certificate.
  • 2048-bit SSL Certificates that are Future-Proof.
  • It collaborates with nearly all computers, smart devices, and other technology.

256-bit encryption and SHA-2 verified certificates.

It is accessible with DV and OV SSL. When to utilize a Wildcard SSL Certificate?When you possess a single name with numerous first-level extensions, it would be better to

buy wild card SSL

  • . You can safeguard them together with the aid of this kind of document.
  • The following are some frequent situations where utilizing a global SSL certificate is most advantageous:
  • You work as a web engineer who frequently sets up trial sites.

You run a company that operates various locations for various departments and divisions. (blog, shop, etc.).

Although you only require one top-level name, you intend to use several extensions.

Incorporating a new subdomain to your website and giving an SSL certificate for it isn’t necessary to be a huge issue when you possess a single-name SSL certificate. Nevertheless, if you intend to add numerous sites, this could become time-consuming and expensive.

As a result, the main advantage of using global SSL is that it can help you set aside a ton of time and cash. In comparison to other choices, it provides more freedom.

For instance, you don’t have to specify the URLs when buying your global SSL certificate, unlike when utilizing SAN SSL. Additionally, you won’t need to fret about re-releasing the certificate each time a new name is added.

Way to Set Up a Wildcard SSL Certificate on Your WordPress Website

Let’s consider the four simple methods for installing a global SSL certificate on your WordPress website:

Step 1. Buy a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Getting your SSL certificate is the first stage. There are many SSL companies to select from that give wildcard certificates, as stated earlier. The ideal solution will primarily rely on your particular requirements and financial constraints.

The kind of server your website is housed on will be requested when you buy an SSL certificate. If “Nginx” is a choice, you should choose it if you’re a Kinsta client. Nevertheless, “Other” or “Apache” will also function.

Step 2: Create a private key and certificate signing request (CSR) code

  • The SSL supplier needs a CSR code to make and verify the certificate file, so the following step is to create it. You can finish the Online CSR and Key Generator form on site provider’s site to create a CSR code and confidential key:
  • The required sections are listed below:
  • Regular Name (Domain Name)

Organization Name City or Locality Email

Country State/County Area

Be careful to put an asterisk (“*”) before your domain name in the “Common name” box because you are creating a wildcard SSL certificate:

When completed, click the Generate icon at the bottom of the screen. A CSR and confidential key file will be generated immediately.

Step 3: Upload the files containing your encryption key and certificate to your server. The installation process completely depends upon the server type like cPanel, Apache, Exchange server, etc.

Step 4: Verify the Installation of the Wildcard SSL Certification was effective.

Conclusion An excellent method to protect your website, applications, and networks is with a wildcard SSL certificate. Compared to standard SSL Certificates, a cheap wildcard SSL certificate offers a higher degree of security and confidence, which can be used to protect numerous sites and subdomains.

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