Combined formula in the higher segment: Go! Health Azzurro

“Small-scale fitness boutique concepts in the luxury segment where lifestyle and hospitality go hand in hand have had my attention for a while now”. says Marcel Zijlstra, owner of Azzurro Wellness in Noordwijk. “I regularly heard that Jack van Hoof, together with Jelle Scherrenberg and Govert Janssen, has created a beautiful and successful boutique concept under the name Go! Health Clubs on the market and that the formula is growing rapidly. From that basis we started brainstorming together and the idea arose to develop a boutique fitness concept in the higher segment of the market and that’s how Go! Health Azzurro born”, says Marcel.

Jack (on behalf of Go! Health) and Marcel (with the experience at Azzurro) brought two worlds together. go! Health Azzurro sees great opportunities in a specific segment of the market. Clubs of approx. 300 m² with the allure of Azzurro Wellness in a franchise design for boutique studios. Located at or in a “health & spa” environment or 5-star hotels with wellness facilities. Located near places where the average disposable income is well above average or, for example, within large-scale luxury care, recreation or apartment complexes.

Marcel continues: “The customer who enjoys every visit. That is the goal of Go! Health Azzurro. Dormant members or the idea of ​​trying to ‘keep going’ with sports do not fit in here. When people have to make an effort to keep up with something, this usually means that they will stop within the foreseeable future. On the other hand, when people enjoy doing something, why stop? Moreover, a real win-win situation then arises: the customer incorporates exercise into his or her life and the entrepreneur retains the customer and guarantees continuity.”

The golden key
For years, the fitness industry has been looking for the golden key that leads to organic growth and high retention. go! Health Azzurro thinks he has found it. go! Health Azzurro is on the one hand modeled on the success of Azzurro Wellness. What makes this club in Noordwijk so special? It is of course a complex of factors, but the luxurious, non-competitive environment in combination with the quiet, subdued atmosphere are an important part of this. And of course the personal touch, which, despite the size of the club, really makes people feel at home. This translates into a high level of loyalty that has resulted in a retention rate of well over 80% for many years now.

A boutique
go! Although Health Azzurro has fewer square meters and therefore fewer facilities than the unique Azzurro Wellness, success factors are built into the concept that are also present in Noordwijk. go! Health Azzurro is a boutique lifestyle concept in the higher segment of the market where luxury, comfort and lifestyle coincide in one space.

go! Health Azzurro, on the other hand, is modeled after the success of Go! Health Clubs where suitable candidates are guided to set up and operate a well-running boutique independently as an entrepreneur according to a complete and established concept. A boutique in which a high-quality circuit (Technogym or Milon) is combined with a beautiful indoor and/or outdoor functional zone. Somewhat guided entrepreneurship using two proven successful concepts. “Finding suitable candidates is currently still the biggest challenge, because the profile of the intended entrepreneurs is crucial. Passionate, knowledgeable and driven. Correct, serving and groundbreaking”, Van Hoof emphasizes.

Enthusiastic customers
There is a lot of attention for relaxation, for example, an architecturally designed lounge and a relaxation area with hydromassage beds. Because sports always take place in a small setting, the attention for the customer will always be more than sufficient. The approach to a loyal club member is partly based on the attractive facilities in addition to sports. Do not go straight home after 30 minutes of exercise, but rather spend some extra time in the club to enjoy yourself, so that the visit is experienced as much more valuable. Don’t exercise because you have to, but visit because it gives you pleasure. Finally, every Go! Health Azzurro work with continuous customer research (NPS measurements via Feedback4sports) to improve the proposition where possible in order to further increase customer enthusiasm.

Combination of formulas
go! Health Azzurro is a concept that originated from the successful formula of Go! Health and the extensive experiences from premium club Azzurro Wellness. It is a franchise formula of which the first locations will open their doors this year. For each location, it is of course examined whether the concept fits into the exclusive catchment area.

To the ultimate customer question: ‘To what extent would you Go! Recommend Health Azzurro to friends and family?’ aims Go! Health Azzurro only on the promoters. “Those are the members who answer this question with a nine or a ten,” says Van Hoof, who is responsible for Business Development. Jack is currently in talks with several potential franchisees. There is great faith in this new formula. Zijlstra adds: “Given the large rise of price fighters in the fitness sector, space is being created at the top of the market. After all, not everyone always and everywhere goes for cheap and low prices. The need for high-end comfort, fun, personal guidance and customer experience can easily be met with luxury clubs, large and small.”

Interested? In addition to interesting existing and new club locations that Go! Health is regularly offered, we are also constantly looking for driven entrepreneurs from fitness, physiotherapy or beyond, who are open to discussing the possibilities that both Go! Health Clubs and Go! Health Azzurro can offer.

For more information, please feel free to contact Jack van Hoof via [email protected] or +31(0)6 27 02 00 37. You can of course also leave your details at, we will certainly contact you soon. you up.

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