Chicken from the oven: the best recipes

With chicken you can go in all directions: baking, roasting, steaming or simmering. But our favorite preparation is chicken from the oven. That’s easy and above all very tasty, as these delicious recipes for chicken from the oven prove!

Chicken Out Of The Oven

Chicken from the oven is always a good idea. Especially when you make one of these delicious recipes after a busy day at work or on a lazy Sunday. We share simple weeknight dinner recipes and weekend unpackers. This way you can prepare chicken from the oven every day of the week!

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Chicken with fennel and orange

Did you know that fennel and orange are a golden combination? Especially when you combine the two in this delicious chicken dish from the oven. By cooking all the ingredients together, they absorb each other’s flavors nicely.

> to the recipe: chicken with fennel and orange

recipes with fennel: chicken with fennel and orange

Lemon, olives, butter beans and chicken

Donna Hay talks about her recipe: “For a dish so full of distinct flavors and textures, this chicken dish takes surprisingly little effort. The lemon, garlic, salty olives, creamy beans, and crunchy cavolo nero do the heavy lifting. Now this is what I call one-pot perfection”

> to the recipe: lemon, olives, butter beans and chicken

butter beans, chicken and lemon, donna hay

Chicken puttanesca from the oven

What do you get when you combine all the basic ingredients of Italian cuisine? A delicious sauce called puttanesca. When you cook the chicken out of the oven in this, it simply absorbs all the flavors. Delicious with rice, couscous, short pasta or crusty bread and a green salad.

> to the recipe: chicken puttanesca from the oven

Chicken puttanesca from the oven

Mustard chicken in tomato sauce

Marinating your meat in mustard makes it nice and tender. This is due to the sourness in the sauce, which not only gives it a lot of flavour. Try it out!

> to the recipe: mustard chicken in tomato sauce

mustard chicken

Tandoori roasted chicken with yogurt mint sauce

There is under roasts perhaps no greater classic than a whole roast chicken. Easy to prepare, always tasty and a real everyone’s friend. This version with tarragon, radishes, spring onion and lemon is packed with fresh flavors. The perfect roast for spring!

> to the recipe: roast chicken with spring vegetables

Roast chicken with spring vegetables

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