Chat GPT not working? This is how you avoid Chat GPT being unavailable!

If Chat GPT doesn’t work, you can always try to use some alternatives of this smart chatbot. We give you an overview of three Chat GPT alternatives below.


Writesonic’s advanced AI chatbot, Chatsonic, is feature rich and an excellent alternative to ChatGPT. It stands out for performing real-time data, image and voice searches and generating content quickly based on user input. In addition, it can hold engaging conversations just like ChatGPT can.

Unfortunately, Chatsonic also has more drawbacks than ChatGPT. For example, there is a word limit of 2500 words per day and you can ask a maximum of 25 questions per month. If you want to ask more questions, you need to subscribe.


Recently, the Microsoft Bing search engine also supports ChatGPT and thus has a number of advantages over ChatGPT. The main advantage is the up-to-date information that the search engine provides. In addition, Bing works with a newer version of the GPT model, version 4.0, which works faster and forms better sentences.

Bing’s features are free to use, but Microsoft currently only allows a small group of testers. Fortunately, we were part of that group of testers. Microsoft is also working on integration into the app and improvements for Bing’s mobile website. You can sign up for the Bing Chat and wait until you get access to the smart chatbot yourself.


YouChat is another alternative to ChatGPT and provides users with an AI-powered search engine to quickly and easily find answers to their questions. Using natural language processing technology and AI algorithms, YouChat understands users’ questions and generates accurate and informative answers.

You can use the YouWrite functions that automatically generate text for you based on your question. You can determine the tone and audience of the text yourself. Unfortunately, you can only use the YouWrite option ten times per day. To make more use of YouWrite, you will have to take out a subscription.

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