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The income and assets of John de Bever

The former futsal player and singer John de Bever has his sheep on dry land. As a beloved folk singer, the Dutchman does not have to keep an eye on the little ones and things are going so well that the sympathetic 57-year-old indicates that he no longer has any …

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This summer’s trend: mini skirts

Claire Guillon AP By high waist until low-waisted jeans and from maxi skirt to miniscule skirts: you leave a piece of clothing in your closet for a few years and before you know it it’s totally trendy again. We saw the miniskirts already passed by a number of celebs, including …

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These are the rug trends of 2023!

Rugs are not only functional and decorative additions to your interior, but they can also make an important statement in your home. With the right choice of rugs you can create a unique atmosphere and style. Are you curious about the rug trends of 2023? In this article, we’ll discuss …

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