‘Can take over power at Ajax’

Jeroen Grueter has heard that Jordi Cruijff could take over power at Ajax. The team from Amsterdam is busy filling a number of positions within the club and the departing director of FC Barcelona is also eligible. It is still unclear what role he will play.

Cruijff is free next season and could just fill a position within Ajax. “In the corridors it is said that Jordi Cruijff, who is now also free, is going to take over there,” says Grueter in the NOS Football Podcast. “It is difficult for me to estimate how reliable these corridors are, but that is why they are emphatically corridors. It could just mean a seizure of power. I say it with some reservations and some hesitation, but it comes from someone who should know.”

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Last week Cruijff’s departure from FC Barcelona was announced. The sporting director says goodbye at the end of the season and looks for a new challenge. So that challenge can become Ajax. Last year, the son of the well-known deceased footballer gave the NOS indicated that he was still in his place and did not yet want to leave for Ajax to succeed Marc Overmars.

At Ajax they are busy organizing important functions for the upcoming season. For example, Casimir Westerveld must succeed Saïd Ouaali as Head of Youth Training. Kelvin de Lang, scout of Manchester City, must succeed Henk Veldmate for the role as head scout.

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