Buying a New Desk: 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

We all want a place at home where we can work, arrange important matters or play games on the computer. Especially in this time, when working from home is more topical than ever, setting up a nice workplace is a good investment. If you do not yet have such a place or if you are dissatisfied with your current workplace, you can make the cut and buy a new desk that best suits your wishes and needs in order to get a nice workplace. We discuss three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a new desk.

Who will use it?


Firstly, it is important to ask yourself who you are purchasing the desk for. If it is only for yourself, then you only have to take into account your own needs. If others start using it, it doesn’t necessarily change the purpose and layout of the desk, but it probably means that people of different heights will start working on it. In the context of ergonomics and a good sitting posture, it is wise to choose a desk that is adjustable in height, so that all users can sit comfortably. If the desk is just for you, you could suffice with a desk that already has the perfect height for your height.

Do I also want to be able to work on it standing up?

A disadvantage of the latter is that it forces you to work in a sitting position. Is that what you want, or would you prefer at least the option to work standing up? This may not be a bad thing, especially if you work from home, because varying your posture during a working day is best for your body. Keep in mind that you also have to facilitate alternating between sitting and standing work by ensuring that there is sufficient slack in the cables of any devices you want to place on your desk. Otherwise you will pull your devices off your desk when you raise it!

What do I want to put on it?


If you have determined whether you want an adjustable or non-adjustable desk, you have already filtered out part of the offer. Within the remaining range, it is important to find a desk that best suits what you want to use it for. You need enough space on the worktop for this. However, taking an unnecessarily large desk just to be on the safe side is also not the best choice, because this will cost you a lot of space in the room where you want to place the desk. So check what you want to be able to store on the desktop and how much space you still want to have free. Based on this, you can choose a suitable desk with the right size.

So don’t take any chances, but first think carefully about what kind of desk best suits your needs and those of your family. You may end up with a somewhat more expensive desk, but a good desk that really meets your needs is worth the investment and can give you years of pleasure.

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