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Enjoying nature with your baby or toddler? But are they still too young to walk too far themselves? Or do you have children of different ages? We are regularly asked whether certain walks are buggy-proof. That is why there are a number of nice walking areas where you not only walk through the forest and over tree branches, but where there are also paved walking paths. Extra nice if you want to go for a walk with a buggy.

What do you take with you when you go for a walk with a baby or toddler?

Make sure you bring all the essentials you need for your baby or toddler. Such as diapers, wet wipes, a bag to put in any dirty diaper. A thermos with hot water, cold water and food and/or some fruit is also a must to take with you.

Depending on the weather, you should also dress your baby or toddler properly. Sunscreen and a hat in warm weather, and a good jacket, blanket or a nice baby sleeping bag in colder weatherso that your little one is always well protected.

Nice buggy-proof walking areas

There are several buggy-friendly walks in the Netherlands that are great if your child is still in the pram or buggy. Here are some suggestions:

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen – A beautiful nature reserve near Amsterdam, where you can easily walk with your children and explore the dunes, forests and water features thanks to various walking routes on paved paths.

water pipeline dunes

De Hoge Veluwe National Park – This National Park has a special wheelchair-friendly walking route: the Experience Route. This route is of course also easily accessible for parents with a buggy or pram.

The Utrechtse Heuvelrug – This is a large nature reserve near Utrecht, where you will find beautiful hiking trails that are suitable for prams. There are several walking routes to choose from, varying in length and degree of difficulty, such as the Nature without Drempels Route, the Leersumse Veld, the Blauwe Kamer wheelchair path, the Broekhuizen Estate route and the Kaapse Bossen route.

Utrecht Hill Ridge

Did you know that Natuurmomenten has special wheelchair-proof and buggy-proof routes all over the Netherlands. So there is bound to be one near you. For the entire route overview that will be expanded, you can look at the website of Natuurmonumenten. Staatsbosbeheer also has a number of family trails; these are often not too long routes that are buggy, wheelchair and rollator proof, so that everyone, from the very youngest to grandparents, can walk there. View their overview here.

Special theme walks for toddlers

Is your child a bit older and can he walk 500 meters on his own? Then it might be nice to look up one of the special themed walks for young children.

gnome path barn

There are many gnome walks throughout the Netherlands, which vary in length from 500 meters to 5 km, but the majority are around 1 km long. We have a very handy overview of a number of gnome walks on our site, where you immediately have tips per province. View fun gnome walks in the Netherlands here.

Leudal walking

In addition to gnome trails, there are even more special themed walks for toddlers, and once your child is a toddler and can walk a bit further, there are many options. If you like going for a walk with children, I can give you the book Play forests and family walks in the Netherlands recommend.

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