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When you are pregnant you get a lot of extra choices. In addition to a baby name, you suddenly also have to buy a whole layette. Diapers, prams and rompers, chances are you sometimes don’t know what to choose. Happy famme there to help you. In the section Family test, we tell you our honest opinion about baby products. This time: buggies that you can fold up small.

Strollers are often super comfortable, but not always easy to carry. That is why it can be nice to buy a buggy when your child is a little older. Nowadays there are many buggies on the market that you can fold up very small, some are even allowed on the plane as hand luggage.

Famme test: buggies that you can fold up small

famme tested four small folding buggies and we tell you our findings.

Joolz Air

Lisa, editor-in-chief of Famme, tested the Joolz Aer: “I have a small car myself and therefore found it useful to have a buggy in addition to the large pram for trips, but also for when we go on holiday. With four children and many suitcases, there is no room for a pram in our “big car”.

Since I got the Joolz Aer I notice that I also use it more often when I just go for a walk. It’s a lot lighter than our stroller, so it’s more comfortable.

My husband and I are quite different in height, but the Joolz Aer runs fine for both of us, the handle is a bit higher than most buggies, which is especially nice for my husband. The Joolz Aer also drives super smooth compared to other buggies we’ve had, you can easily drive it with one hand and it makes great turns. Even on bumpy roads!

One of the biggest advantages of the Joolz Aer is the folding and unfolding. This is done with one hand and in one movement. When folded, it remains stable so you can easily put it away. The buggy is very compact when folded and easy to carry. It only weighs 6 kilos.

The shopping basket is sturdy and quite spacious for a buggy. You can easily store your diaper bag or some groceries in it.

The buggy hardly has any negatives, but if I have to mention something, I think the seating area is quite short. It is also a bit more difficult to put the buggy in a lying position and back again. You really need two hands for this. In addition, the buggy is on the expensive side, but it is definitely worth it.”

Price: 449 euros
General grade: 9+

Easywalker Jackey

Editor Laura tested the Easywalker Jackey: “We were looking for a buggy that could fit in the hand luggage compartments of the plane. We had already flown with a buggy and it had broken down in the hold on arrival. That’s how we ended up with the Easywalker.
I think the Easywalker Jackey is a nice buggy. It drives easily over the pavement, even with irregular tiles. The handle is just the right height for me, I’m 1.70 meters tall.

You can also maneuver well with the Easywalker and make turns. It is a narrow buggy with which you can also easily go through narrow paths in shops.

The best thing about the Easywalker is that it folds and unfolds. You can easily do this with one hand. Very handy if you have a lot of stuff in your hands. It folds up very small and can therefore easily be taken on the plane, but it also takes up little space in the trunk of the car. You can easily lift it with one hand when it is folded up. It weighs 7.5 kilos, making it the heaviest buggy in this test, but still easy to carry.

The Easywalker buggy has a small storage compartment. You can’t put a lot in here, but you can put a few things. A whole diaper bag doesn’t fit in it, so I wouldn’t do big shopping with this buggy.

Price: 349.99 euros
Grade: 9

GoodBaby Pocket+

Editor Laurien tested the GoodBaby Pockit+: “When my eldest son was able to walk, we hardly used the stroller. We bought this buggy for the moments when he still wanted to sit down. I also do everything on the bike, so the requirement was that the buggy could be folded very small. You can easily fold and unfold the GB Pockit+ and it fits on your luggage carrier, it’s that small. The buggy weighs less than 5 kilos. This makes it the lightest and smallest folding buggy from this test.

There is a small shopping basket at the bottom for some baby essentials and a sun visor at the top. We mainly use the buggy in the city and it always goes on holiday, the last time it was to Lisbon. Bumpy roads enough there, the buggy can certainly handle that.

The only drawbacks are the height of the handle: it is quite low, so that a man of almost 1.90 meters cannot walk behind the buggy very comfortably. The seating area is also not very sturdy, so your child will sink down quite quickly. Furthermore, a great buggy to have on hand.

Price: 329.95 euros
General grade: 7+

Prenatal compact buggy

Editor-in-chief Lisa also tested the Prénatal compact buggy: “Before we had the Joolz Aer, we used the Prénatal compact buggy. We bought it for occasional use, such as a day out or a walk through town. This buggy also has a fairly high push bar, so that my husband could also walk comfortably with it. The driving comfort of this buggy is, certainly compared to the Joolz Aer, a bit less. There is less suspension, so you feel it when you drive on bumpy roads. Making turns is also less smooth.

Folding and unfolding is quite smooth and the buggy folds into a small compact package. This buggy also weighs only 6 kilos and has a fairly spacious shopping basket, which you can store quite a bit in. The backrest can be completely flat and is quite easy to raise and lower.

A nice buggy for occasional use, especially for this price, because it is the cheapest buggy in this test.”

Price: 189 euros
General grade: 7

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